Assistive Technology

Academic Support Office (ASO) Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology:

Assistive technology is computer-based software or hardware solutions that enable students with disabilities to access information and compensation for the impact of their disabilities. The Academic Support Office has a limited number of programs that can be used by students in our computer lab. Some examples of the programs are listed below.


Assistive Technology Policy

Accessibility of IT Policy

  • Jaws 12.0:  is an invaluable tool for students with visual impairments. It is a top of the line screen reader with internet capabilities, email access, and full compatibility with Microsoft products such as Office 2007.
  • Read&Write Gold: Read&Write GOLD is a customizable easy-to-use toolbar that directly integrates with familiar applications, including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Adobe Reader, allowing students to access the support tools they need from within the programs they use every day. The product highlights and reads text aloud using natural sounding voices and also includes a comprehensive set of support tools for reading, writing, studying, research, and test taking.
  • Magic 11.0: Magic® screen magnification software not only increases the size of what you see on a    monitor, but Magic with Speech also speaks aloud screen contents.
  • Verbose: Text- to-speech software
  • Inspiration - Mind mapping, learning strategies


The Academic Support Office also offers textbooks and readings in alternate formats as well as training students on how to use some these software.


Free software applications for reading PDF and Word documents provided by Alternative Media Access Center (AMAC). Ask your Academic Support Advisor how to become an AMAC member.