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Year of Cuba

Each academic year since 2003, Reinhardt has designated a region of the world for students to learn more about through in-depth study and hands-on interaction. This focus is intended to promote understanding of varied cultures, businesses, histories, geographies and faiths and to help internationalize the Reinhardt experience.

The 2016-2017 year is the Year of Cuba. Students will experience and learn about our neighbor to the south and how our intertwined histories have created our current relationship. Events will be scheduled throughout the academic year and include a festival, lectures, Day of the Dead celebrations, an immigration symposium, a travel tour, and many others.

FALL 2017 Activities/Events

September 20

September 23

Other events:

President’s college: A complete Cuba experience (4 meetings, all Wednesdays)

SPRING 2018 Activities/Events

February 7

March 14


Previous global emphasis areas have included:

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