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Successful Reinhardt MBA Graduates Apply Their Skills and Knowledge

Since the first graduating class in 2009, Reinhardt MBA alumni have succeeded in applying their new credentials, skills, knowledge and contacts in a variety of fields.  Meet a few of our graduates:


Jessica Akers, MBA '11

Career change

Reinhardt Advantage MBA Helped Jessica Akers Change Her Career Direction

Jessica Akers MBA '11 made the transition from Reinhardt admissions counselor to operations coordinator for the Falany Performing Arts Center as a direct result of her Master of Business Administration pursuits.

"Helped me to prepare"

“Every class I took in the Master of Business Administration program helped prepare me for this position. The project management class helped with organization and task lists, the communication and marketing courses were vital for helping me connect with the appropriate target audience, and the economics class helped me to understand the external factors that would influence my job. On a very personal level, the instructors helped to give me the knowledge, confidence and help I needed to grow as a person,” Akers said.

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Ann Bailey, MBA '10

Corporate advancement, career change, and further education

Using Her MBA Knowledge to Open Her Own Business & Pursue a Doctorate

Ann Bailey began the Reinhardt Advantage MBA, Master of Business Administration, in the McCamish School of Business in August of 2008. Her goal was to complete the program and move up the corporate ladder. During the first semester of the program, her plans changed for the better. Ann remembers it this way.

"During our communication class, as we were discussing our fictitious organizations, the professor mentioned three options: a real company where the name had been changed, a fake company that the student designed, or a start-up. He said, 'If you've ever wanted to start your own company, this program is a great way to lay the groundwork.' That struck a chord with me as I have always wanted to open my own art gallery. From that point forward my MBA focused on building an art gallery."

Course work that applies directly to real life business situations

As the 19 months passed, Ann worked with her professors as consultants to design the business plan for her gallery. Everything she needed from the marketing plan to contract designs were reviewed in MBA program courses. "I had the ability to ask real life questions for real business concerns to people who were experts in their fields. My professors and cohort shared their wisdom and experience and pointed me to the right resources to get things done."

On May 2, 2010, Ann Art Gallery opened with a preview event for the MBA graduating class of 2010. Since then the gallery has exceeded sales projections, and the artists represented have been included in national art shows and won awards in galleries throughout the Southeast.

A Great Way to Open Your Own Business

"I would not have thought it possible to open in such a short timeline, but we did. If anyone is interested in opening their own business, the MBA program at Reinhardt University is a great way to get the ball rolling. It was a real catalyst for making my dreams come true!" On top of running the gallery, Ann is currently a project manager and is pursuing her Ph.D. in Leadership and Entrepreneurship at Regent University.

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Amy Ostrom, MBA '09

Corporate Advancement

Amy Ostrom MBA '09 "The Natural Choice was Reinhardt."

After deciding she was ready to take on more responsibility and pursue a master's degree, Reinhardt graduate Amy Ostrom '07 returned to her alma mater. "The natural choice for me was Reinhardt!" she said.

Reinhardt's value: a high quality, challenging and affordable learning experience

"I was attracted to Reinhardt’s MBA program because of the value it offered- a high quality, challenging, and affordable learning experience. Because the class only met one night a week, I was able to work full-time (and even get a promotion to senior accountant) while earning my MBA. In 2009, I graduated as a member of the inaugural MBA cohort at Reinhardt. The program enhanced my business acumen and gave me a more strategic perspective and understanding of the operations of a company.

Career Advancement in a Large Corporation

Since graduating with my Master's degree I have obtained my CPA licensure and stepped up to the role of Supervisor, managing a team of five staff accountants in various areas of the business including debt, bonus, distribution network, and other operations. I know my success at The Home Depot is a direct result of the foundation and support I received from my professors at Reinhardt- the confidence, professional etiquette, and knowledge they instilled in me will afford me many continued opportunities where my hard work and dedication will lead me to success."

Professors with Real-World Knowledge and Passion

Ostrom's journey with Reinhardt began in 2003 when she came to Reinhardt in lieu of her senior year of high school. "While sitting in Dr. John Yelvington’s microeconomics class that first semester I realized that the personalized education experience, real-world knowledge, and passion that was displayed by my professors at Reinhardt could not be matched by other universities." After three exciting years of being challenged by my professors to achieve more than even I thought was possible, I graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in accounting in 2007."

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Randell Trammell, MBA '09

Non profit advancement

"Reinhardt's program was the best option for me"

Competitive Price, Comparable Quality, Personal Focus

"There are many MBA programs in the Atlanta market," said Dr. Randell E. Trammell, a 2009 graduate of Reinhardt Advantage MBA program. "Reinhardt's program was the best option for me because its price was the most competitive, the quality of education is comparable to that from other programs, and first and foremost, Reinhardt's focus is on personal student development rather than pushing students through the system."

Career Advancement or Career Change

The opportunity for students to customize their MBA experience at Reinhardt has given several students opportunities for promotions or career changes. Trammell has used his degree, experience and knowledge to advance with the State YMCA of Georgia. "A board member at the YMCA pulled me aside and told me, ‘Randell, I can really tell that you are embracing the knowledge you are getting from the MBA program in the way you present reports and communicate the status of the organization.' I was promoted to state executive director/CEO...I think that pursuing my MBA from Reinhardt made the Board more comfortable in my skills and knowledge, and thus, hired me for the position."

In June 2014 Randell achieved another milestone - he completed a Doctorate in Education in Organizational Management and Communication at Northeastern University.

A recommendation for the Reinhardt Advantage MBA

"I highly recommend the MBA program to employers and to those who want to get to the next level in their career," said Trammell. "With current economic conditions, an MBA gives a person a step up over others in the job market. The investment of time and finances will pay off personally and professionally and will forever be a part of what makes you exceptional."

Caring and Involved Alumnus

Trammell's undergraduate degree in religion is also from Reinhardt, and he believes in supporting his alma mater. He has served on the Reinhardt Alumni Board of Governors for several years - his current role is president. He has also spoken at several Reinhardt leadership seminars and frequently attends Reinhardt events and programs.

"I believe in Reinhardt's mission. The University transforms lives, and I'm honored to play a small role in that process," he said.

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Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson, MBA '11

Advancement in Public Safety Sector

Expanding His Business Knowledge

Reinhardt Advantage MBA graduate Justin Wilson began his career in law enforcement with the U.S. Army Military Police in 1991 and is currently a Reserve Special Agent with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. This military experience led to positions with Georgia State University police and eventually to employment with Alpharetta Public Safety in 1997. He is now the Homeland Security coordinator, Criminal Intelligence Unit Commander, Records Division Commander and Emergency Manager for the City of Alpharetta.

Expanding His Business Knowledge

After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Reinhardt in 2007, Wilson decided to pursue graduate studies at the University. While many of his colleagues in the public safety arena have chosen a master of public administration, Wilson chose the master of business administration:

“I believed that in order to truly grow I needed to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about the business environment. The Reinhardt Advantage MBA has provided me with the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of the business environment and to learn valuable real world lessons from my classmates who have all succeeded in their corporate lives,” Wilson said.

Class Interaction is Key

While earning his undergraduate degree from Reinhardt, Wilson came to appreciate the smaller class size and the interaction with his professors and peers. “Reinhardt has carried that same model forward into the Reinhardt Advantage MBA which has allowed the cohort to not only to learn the class material, but to glean valuable insight from the professors who have all been successful in the business world,” he said.

Prepared for Career Advancement

After graduation, Wilson plans to continue his law enforcement career at either the municipal or federal level. On either level, he hopes to move into senior management and to use his knowledge and skills to make the agency more efficient and effective. After retiring from law enforcement, he would like to start a consulting company in the areas of continuity of operations planning, physical security, and disaster preparedness and recovery.

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