Earl Sherman Braggs

Master of Fine Arts Visiting Writer

Earl Braggs

Earl Sherman Braggs

Earl Sherman Braggs is a Herman H. Battle and UC Foundation Professor of English at the University of TN at Chattanooga. His teaching awards include two SGA Outstanding Teaching Awards and a UTNAA Outstanding Professor of the Year Award. He is the author of nine collections of poetry, including Hat Dancer Blue (winner of the Anhinga Poetry Prize), Younger Than Neil and In Which Language Do I Keep Silent:New and Selected. Literary prizes include the Jack Kerouac International Literary Prize, the James Jones Frist Novel Contest (finalist), the Cleveland State Poetry Prize (unable to accept because the same manuscript won the Anhinga Prize) and the Goucester County Poetry Prize. His latest collections of poetry are Syntactical Arrangements of a Twisted Wind and Oliver’s Breakfast in America (a book length poetry novella). Ugly Love (Notes from the Negro Side of the moon) is forthcoming from C&R Press.

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