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Learn more about what it takes to pursue leadership positions in the sports management field with Dr. Joe Mullins, associate professor of sports studies. Join the Sports Career Webinar on Nov 11 at 12 p.m to see how Reinhardt’s Masters of Sport Administration and Leadership program can take your career to new heights. @Reinhardt University Professional Studies and Graduate Admissions

Even if you have been an athlete your entire life, excelling off the field or court demands an entirely different skill set. With the Master of Science in Sport Administration and Leadership, you can develop the management, critical thinking and leadership skills you need to make it as a coach, manager, athletic director or any other high-ranking sports leader.

Through this 9-course, 30-credit degree program, you can gain the knowledge you need to help sports teams and business organizations execute strategic initiatives.

The program is geared towards students who have their bachelor’s degree and want to qualify for leadership positions in the global sports management industry. The curriculum combines research, operational strategies, legal aspects, and marketing, with the sport management skills you need to succeed in the field. Additionally, our experienced instructors will give you their first-hand insight, so you can bring industry know-how to your sport leadership career.

Take your career to the next level with Reinhardt University’s Master of Business Administration program. Our curriculum is designed for the flexibility of the working adult with support from experienced faculty. 

Reinhardt will offer an in-depth discussion with Master of Business Administration (MBA) Program Coordinator Dr. Tony Daniel on Nov 8 at 12 pm

“This webinar will provide participants with a unique perspective about Reinhardt's Online MBA program and its unique value to the students, community and all stakeholders,” said Daniel.

Reinhardt’s Online Master of Business Administration curriculum is focused on career advancement. The degree program – offered 100% online - will help you develop the real-world skills and knowledge that are highly valued in today’s competitive corporate, public safety and nonprofit markets.

“Reinhardt’s Online MBA is focused on the application of knowledge to the organization,” said Daniel. “Students will learn how to solve problems in their organization, which will add value to them and their organization. Effective problem solving is a component of an organization’s competitive advantage.”

You will polish your critical thinking and problem-solving skills and develop the entrepreneurial and persuasive practices of a seasoned authority. 

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