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Reading Endorsement Program Course Sequence

The Price School of Education at Reinhardt University is offering a 3-course Reading Endorsement Program.

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EDU 744: Introduction to Reading

The goal of this course is to help teachers to not only become familiar with the developmental stages through which all children progress as they learn to read but also learn to implement flexible strategies for helping students who are reading below grade level. Participants will be introduced to powerful reading strategies that can be used with large or small group instruction or with individual students. Additionally, participants will examine a number of formal and informal assessment options. Participants will also evaluate existing reading programs and learn to recognize reading programs that are balanced and based on best practice and the most recent research in reading instruction.

EDU 755: Reading Diagnosis

Focusing on classroom-based reading assessment, this course has been developed for teachers at all levels. Participants will learn to match assessment to instruction and to use assessment information to organize flexible reading groups. Participants will develop expertise in the use of formal and informal assessments that measure a variety of literacy skills from emerging concepts of print and alphabet knowledge to word recognition, decoding, oral reading fluency and comprehension.

EDU 766: Literacy Instruction and ESOL

This course will address general and specific guidelines for teaching reading to students of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Varied instructional strategies and resources will be introduced to assist teachers in enhancing the literacy learning of ESOL students or students with limited English proficiency in a differentiated classroom.

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