#FacultyFriday: Dr. Rebecca Salter teaches dedication to music

Dr. Rebecca Salter knows how important individualized instruction is, which is why she prepares for hour-long, one-on-one applied voice sessions for her students. Crafting each voice lesson to fit each student keeps her on her toes and, she reports, “requires intense focus from both the student and teacher.” A key component of that individualized attention…

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#FacultyFriday: Peter Bromstad offers accounting students a wealth of knowledge

Before arriving at Reinhardt in 2003, Peter Bromstad ’94 ’96 gained 33 years of accounting proficiency – something that contributes to his ability to teach Reinhardt students studying accounting informed by real-world experience. “Let’s face it—some accounting concepts can be rather dry,” said Bromstad. “I rely on my real-life, hands-on experience to cut through some…

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