Moving Forward

Creating Nimble Instructional Capacities for the New Reality

COVID-19 is changing our instructional realities. With physical distancing in the classroom and a high likelihood of a resurgence of the SARS-CoV-2 virus later this fall, Reinhardt faculty must be prepared to increase the amount of online direct instruction in all course offerings. Analysis of the Reinhardt Student Impact Survey suggests several recommendations to improve our online course components during summer planning.

  1. Unify all first point of access for online course content to Canvas.
  2. Review purposes and applications for appropriate synchronous online components.
  3. Review, explore, and develop asynchronous online Direct Instruction (DI) methods and modalities.
  4. Incorporate online DI methods and modalities in all course offerings.
  5. Develop hybrid (50/50) and micro-hybrid (>70/<30) courses.
  6. Be prepared to move all F2F courses to hybrid in situation “Yellow.”
  7. Be prepared to move all F2F and hybrid courses to fully-online in situation “Red.”

To assist, CITEL will be providing training and support during the summer planning months. To see a list and description of upcoming workshops and to register for a workshop, please click here. This schedule, and additional CITEL resources are detailed below. Additionally, CITEL will facilitate discipline-specific Faculty Working Groups for those wishing to meet in-person or electronically.

To read our entire plan for moving forward, please click here.


Additional Resources

To assist faculty in providing engaging assignments, CITEL is creating several “Plug-and-Play” learning resources for faculty to include in their Canvas courses. These modules will provide training and instructions for students on common Canvas tasks and engaging assignment types.

CITEL has curated several articles and collected them in our Moving Forward Articles page. Additionally, we have a targeted list of MagnaPub videos that address common concerns of teaching during the pandemic.


Canvas Plug-And-Play Modules

Dr. Kenneth H. Wheeler
Associate Professor of History

Articles - Teaching During the Pandemic


MagnaPub Suggested Videos