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Plug and Play Student Resources
for Canvas

To complete assignments, students need instructions for managing technological challenges that overlay the specific learning objectives of these assignments. The preferred practice for online courses is to develop student learning resources that provide sufficient training to reasonably assume that a student can complete the assignment in the manner the professor expects. Creating these resources can be a time-intensive endeavor.

CITEL is developing several “Plug-and-Play” modules to provide student learning resources for common assignment types. Professors can import these modules directly into their courses from Canvas Commons.

We are tagging these Reinhardt University Student Learning Resources with the tag “RUSLR.” You will be able to search Canvas Commons for all of our plug-and-play modules with this tag.

Text Instructions:

1. Log in to Canvas

2. Click on the Canvas Commons button in the global navigation strip.

3. In Commons, search for “RUSLR” (Reinhardt University Student Learning Resources)

4. Click on the resource you would like to import.

5. Click on the “Import/Download” button.

6. Choose the destination course or courses.

7. Click on “Import into Course.”


Canvas Plug-And-Play Modules

Dr. Kenneth H. Wheeler
Associate Professor of History

Articles - Teaching During the Pandemic


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