Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.10.2 Financial Aid Audits

The institution audits financial aid programs as required by federal and state regulations. (Financial aid audits)

Judgment check box Compliance


The University engages in standard audits for its financial aid program, involving both federal and state programs. This includes an annual A-133 audit (federal) and a three-year audit review by the Georgia Student Finance Commission for the HOPE Scholarship, Zell Miller Scholarship, and Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant. [12345]

1.   The A-133 audit received an unqualified audit opinion letter for 2016, the best audit result available.

2. The findings, along with the University’s Financial Aid Department, are in the A-133 audit report.  The A-133 audit had findings all of which were resolved as a condition of the completion of the audit.  No unresolved findings remain.

3. The University utilizes electronic funds transfer for movement of government funds.

4. No correspondence has been received from government agencies indicating any problems over the previous three years.

5. The University addressed and completed all actions in regards to the 2015 State Scholarships and Grant Programs Compliance Review.


Supporting Documents

[1] A-133 Audit 2013

[2] A-133 Audit 2014

[3] A-133 Audit 2015

[4] A-133 Audit 2016

[5] 2015 State Scholarships and Grant Programs Compliance Review