Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.10.4 Control of Sponsored Research/External Funds

The institution maintains financial control over externally funded or sponsored research and programs. (Control of sponsored research/external funds)

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Reinhardt University (RU) does not normally benefit from externally funded research or programs.  Our existing policies as stated in our Accounting Manual [1] require that the institution maintains control over any external funds and that they are treated with standard accounting practices identical to internal funds. The Business Office and the Controller maintain all financial records regarding the use of external funds while the Office of University Advancement maintains all reporting requirements to external funding sources and fulfills those requirements by the periodic reporting of appropriate information.  See sample report prepared for the Goizueta Foundation. [2]

All RU policies governing fundraising activities are included in the supporting documentation and indicate that Reinhardt maintains financial control over externally funded programs. [3] [4] [5] Each fundraising project request has to be submitted for approval by the Vice President for Advancement and Marketing for approval via a form available on the Reinhardt University website. [6]  The University reserves the right to refuse any external funding proposals that are inconsistent with the mission of the institution or in conflict with its values. More information regarding Reinhardt’s control of fundraising activities is included in Comprehensive Standard 3.2.12 (Fund Raising).


Supporting Documents

[1] Accounting Manual

[2] Report to Goizueta Foundation

[3] RU Fundraising Policy

[4] RU Gift in Kind Policy

[5] RU Gift Acceptance Policy

[6] RU Fundraising Project Request Form