SACS Compliance Certification

3.11.1 Control of Physical Resources

The institution exercises appropriate control over all its physical resources. (Control of physical resources)

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Reinhardt University operates and maintains physical facilities, both on and off campus, that appropriately serve the needs of the institution’s educational programs, support services, and other mission-related activities.  In order to care, sustain, and safeguard approximately 540 acres of campus, the university utilizes policies and procedures in the areas of fixed asset inventory, insurance, and purchasing. Contractual agreements are also used to uphold the expectations of our non-institutional partners that utilize our facilities.

Management of Facilities

Reinhardt University’s Physical Plant Department (PPD) is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the university’s physical facilities and grounds. Under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer, PPD works to effectively and efficiently maintain an environment conducive to supporting the mission of the university. The Department is committed to providing quality facilities through diligent oversight of all aspects of the physical environment. To accomplish this, PPD activities demand extensive coordination with the user community – academics, student services, athletics, and other auxiliaries and a commitment to evaluate performance and improve operations. The PPD consists of four divisions: housekeeping, grounds, maintenance, and horticulture. [1]

Standards and expectations are set for each area in regards to employees and the care of facilities.  [2], [3], [4]

Campus Facilities

Reinhardt University enjoys the use of approximately 550,000 square feet of building space in addition to the 540 acres of campus grounds. The PPD employs a director, groundskeepers, housekeepers, and maintenance personnel responsible for the daily upkeep and long term maintenance of the campus, as well as outside contractors as needed.  [5], [6], [7]

Facilities are available for various summer-camp programs. These campus rentals are coordinated through staff associated with the camp’s purpose. All bookings require a signed rental contract and the organization must follow our rental policies and procedures. [8], [9], [10], [11]

Deferred Maintenance

The coordination of routine maintenance at the Reinhardt University campus is facilitated by the work order process. All regular maintenance work is initiated by the issuance of a work order and managed through a maintenance management program called PerfectWare. In 2016, PPD completed 1,556 work orders for routine maintenance. Any member of the university community including students may request a work order by calling into the PPD office and speaking with the PPD coordinator. PPD can also receive requests through email, walk in, and through JotForm system utilized by Residence Life. Overall, the process for requesting service or maintenance is as follows:

  • Work orders received through PerfectWare or JotForm are printed and filtered to maintenance technicians within the PPD department. Technicians under the oversight of supervisors complete the work orders and return the completed work order to the PPD coordinator to close out and document the scope of the work performed. [12]
  • Calls for emergency service, i.e. leaks or power outages, life safety, and disruption of operations are dispatched via cell phone to the appropriate supervisor for expedited service.
  • PPD can also receive requests through email and walk-ins.
  • All other work orders are placed in a queue based on order received.

Customers are sent an electronic notice when the work is completed. An online facility management survey is emailed to work order requestors in order to improve customer service. This information is used to improve response times, assess backlog, and identify problem areas. External subcontractors in addition to PPD staff handle preventative maintenance on an as needed basis.  [13]

Physical Inventory

All capital improvements and purchases are recorded in Jenzabar, Reinhardt’s campus management software system, by the Business Office and also entered into Fixed Asset Pro by the Controller. A reconciliation of the two systems is performed monthly to confirm all assets are recorded.  [14]

Physical inventories are performed by various departments.  The IT Department breaks their inventory into types of equipment and conducts inventory periodically.  [15]

All asset disposals are recorded by the Controller and recorded in both Jenzabar and Fixed Asset Pro.


While the facilities and grounds are primarily for campus use, those using Reinhardt facilities for outside use must also comply with the rules and policies of the campus.  Outside vendors performing work on campus must sign agreements, supply proof of insurance coverage, and make deposits before their event.

The University has meetings with their insurance broker to assess areas for risk and make improvements as needed.  [16], [17]

Broad categories for the types of insurance coverage are shown below:



Commercial Package

  • Property
  • Equipment Floater
  • Crime
  • General Liability

Wright Specialty Insurance-Catlin/XL

Automobile Liability

            Wright Specialty Insurance-Catlin/XL

Educators Legal Liability

            Wright Specialty Insurance-Catlin/XL

Excess Liability – First Layer

             Wright Specialty Insurance-Catlin/XL

Excess Liability – Second Layer


Fine Arts

XL Specialty

Pollution Liability




Foreign Liability


Kidnap and Ransom


Workers’ Compensation


Cyber Liability

Lloyd’s of London

Underground Safe Tank


      Violent & Malicious Acts
      Disaster Management Services

Incidents on campus are reported to Public Safety, who will complete an incident report.  The report is submitted to the Chief Financial Officer, who will work with our insurance broker.  Work-related injuries are reported to Human Resources, who in turn notifies the insurance broker and the Chief Financial Officer.  [18]

These meetings also cover insurance needs for student athletes.  The University complies with the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics and also has catastrophic insurance coverage for athletes.


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