SACS Compliance Certification

3.13.3 Complaint Procedures Against the Commission or its Accredited Institutions

The institution complies with the policies of the Commission on Colleges (Policy compliance)

Applicable Policy Statement. Each institution is required to have in place student complaint policies and procedures that are reasonable, fairly administered, and well-publicized. (See FR 4.5). The Commission also requires, in accord with federal regulations, that each institution maintains a record of complaints received by the institution. The record is made available to the Commission upon request. This record will be reviewed and evaluated by the Commission institution’s decennial evaluation.

Judgment check box Compliance


Reinhardt University has several processes in place to address student written complaints. Each office designated to receive and handle a complaint maintains a record of the complaint and its resolution. The procedure to be followed is based upon the type of complaint initiated. Non-academic matters are generally resolved through the Office of Student Affairs, with the exception of financial aid appeals, which are heard through a process overseen by the Financial Aid Office in accordance with federal requirements. Academic complaints are referred to the appropriate academic program, school, or the Provost’s Office.

A chart indicating the type of complaint, the applicable policy, the office responsible for the maintenance of the record(s) and location of the record (centralized or decentralized) is found in the supporting documentation. [1] An example of a log of student complaints is also included. [2] Examples of student complaint records can be found in the response to Federal Requirement 4.5.

As described in the narrative response to Federal Requirement 4.5, Reinhardt University has student complaint policies and procedures that are reasonable, fairly administered, and well-publicized and follows those policies and procedures when resolving student complaints.


Supporting Documents

[1] Student Written Complaint Record by Complaint Type

[2] Academic Appeals Log