SACS Compliance Certification

3.13.4.a Distance Education Compliance

Applicable Policy Statement: An institution includes a review of its distance and correspondence education programs in the Compliance Certification.  An institution includes a review of all its branch campuses and its off-campus instructional sites.

Judgment check box Compliance


Reinhardt has included its distance learning programs and off-campus instructional sites in its review for assessment of compliance with the standards and specifically details compliance, where appropriate, in the sections of the standards noted below:

CR 2.7.1 (Program Length) – Distance Learning- professional bachelor’s degrees

CR 2.7.3 (General Education) – Degree completion programs for non-traditional students

CR 2.7.4 (Course Work for Degrees) - Examples of degree programs offered at each level- Bachelor of Health Care Administration

CR 2.8 (Faculty) – 2016-17 Credit Hours Taught by Full-time Faculty by Program, Location, and Modality

CR 2.9 (Learning Resources and Services) – Off Campus Access to Collections and Resources

CR 2.10 (Student Support Services) –applicable to all students

CS 3.2.8 (Qualified Administrators/Academic Officers) – Interim Dean of Professional Studies

CS (Institutional Effectiveness: Educational Programs) – Assessment Reports for the Bachelor of Business Administration, Bachelor of Criminal Justice, and  Bachelor of Health Care Administration

CS (Institutional Effectiveness Administrative Support Services) – Assessment Report for Information Technology

CS (Institutional Effectiveness Academic and Student Support Services) –Graduate and Professional Student Admissions Assessment Report

CS 3.4.1 (Academic Program Approval) – Program Approval Process: “All academic programs at Reinhardt, regardless of delivery modality or location...”

CS 3.4.3 (Admissions Policies) – Adult students, degree completion programs

CS 3.4.6 (Practices for Awarding Credit) –Professional studies applicants

CS 3.4.9 (Academic Support Services) –Services for Online Students

CS 3.4.10 (Responsibility for Curriculum) – Academic Programs and Curriculum Committee

CS 3.4.11 (Academic Program Coordination) – Distance Education Program Coordination,

CS 3.4.12 (Technology Use) – Training in the use of Technology

CS 3.5.1 (General Education Competencies) – rationale for the non-traditional general education curriculum

CS 3.5.3 (Undergraduate Program Requirements) – “The professional and degree-completion programs, which serve a population of non-traditional age students, have a general education curriculum of 42-credit hours including the following requirements.”

CS 3.5.4 (Terminal Degrees of Faculty) – Terminal Degrees for Distance Education Programs

CS 3.7.1 (Faculty Competence) –Faculty Roster (HCA, CRJ, and BBA courses)

CS 3.7.2 (Faculty Evaluation) – Narrative (applicable to all full-time faculty and adjuncts)

CS 3.7.3 (Faculty Development) – Narrative (applicable to all full-time faculty)

CS 3.8.1 (Learning and Information Resources) – Off Campus Access to Resources and Services

CS 3.8.2 (Instruction of Library Use) – Online and Off Campus Instruction

CS 3.8.3 (Qualified Staff) – Narrative (applicable to all students)

CS 3.9.1 (Student Rights) – Narrative (applicable to all students)

CS 3.9.2 (Student Records) – Narrative (applicable to all students)

CS 3.9.3 (Qualified Staff) –Narrative (applicable to all students)

CS 3.11.2 (Institutional Environment) – Narrative (applicable to all students)