Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.2.10 Administrative Staff Evaluations

The institution periodically evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators. (Administrative staff evaluations)

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Reinhardt University evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators, including the President, who is chief executive officer, on a periodic basis. In addition to the President, executive administrators include members of the Leadership Team and the School Deans. Regular reviews are carried out in a systematic manner following a set schedule. Results are used in the enhancement of overall performance and the setting of goals for the coming year.

Evaluation of the President

Each year the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees reviews the President's ability to effectively accomplish the University’s mission and the goals as expressed in the strategic plan. The Board’s review includes a thorough evaluation of the President’s performance on goals established for the previous year. These goals inform the setting of institutional goals for the President and her Leadership Team. The evaluation form used by the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees to evaluate the President is included in the supporting documentation. [1] In addition, the minutes of the March 31, 2016 meeting of the Executive Committee document the evaluation of the president. [2]

Evaluation of the President’s Leadership Team

The Provost, the CFO, the VP for University Advancement, the VP for Enrollment Management, and the Director of Athletics report directly to the President of Reinhardt University.  See 2016-17 Organizational Chart. [3]

In the spring of every academic year, the vice presidents and other members of the Leadership Team write a self-evaluation of his/her performance in line with the President’s goals. Each vice president assesses her/his success against the mutually agreed upon goals set the previous year in narrative format. In addition, each member of the President’s Cabinet is evaluated annually by the President.  Feedback from staff and faculty that report to or interact with the members of the Leadership team is also sought by the President. [45] Through periodic Leadership Team meetings and individual meetings with the members of the team, the President also regularly checks progress on key strategic initiatives throughout the year. For instance, each month the Leadership Team provides updates on the implementation of the strategic plan. [6]

The President completes the evaluation of vice presidents with a personal discussion. Together, the President and individual vice presidents determine actions necessary for improvement and the attainment of further progress. Resource allocations necessary to achieve the goals are made upon the basis of understandings that are an outcome of the review process, institutional priorities, and available funds.

The annual review cycle is complemented by a one-day retreat held by the President with her Leadership Team senior staff and other invited personnel to review accomplishments of the previous year and confirm collective goals for the coming year. In summer of 2017, the retreat was replaced by a Planning Day.

In addition, the Provost is annually evaluated by the Faculty, as stipulated in the Faculty Handbook III, 1.5. [7] This evaluation is coordinated by members of the Faculty Executive Council, who are leaders of the Faculty Senate, and is administered by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness.  See Provost Evaluation Form. [8]

Evaluation of School Deans

As stipulated in the Faculty Handbook, each School Dean is annually evaluated by the faculty members of his or her School. [9] This evaluation is coordinated by members of the Faculty Executive Council, who are leaders of the Faculty Senate, and is administered by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness. The faculty evaluation of a School Dean [10] becomes a source of information for the evaluation completed by the Provost.

Evaluation of each School Dean by the Provost involves a range of dimensions including quality of academic programs, accountability/timeliness of reporting, communication, enrollment, extramural support, faculty relations, fiscal management, leadership style, and personnel management. A variety of sources are also employed including the results of faculty evaluations, progress toward last year’s school goals aligned with the University strategic plan, the School Dean’s self-assessment, and the Provost’s personal observations concerning the Dean’s performance.

Evaluation of Program Coordinators

Program coordinators and directors are reviewed by their School Dean.  In the faculty self-assessment form, they are prompted to discuss their accomplishments as program coordinators under “Service.” [11]

Evaluation of Other Administrative Staff

Performance management is a continuing process to assist everyone in enhancing performance and development. Supervisors and employees are strongly encouraged to discuss job performance and goals on an informal, continual basis. Formal performance reviews are conducted on all employees so that they may receive appropriate recognition for their performance or help and guidance to improve their performance.  Reviews provide an opportunity to recognize successful performance, redirect and coach employees who request assistance or failing to meet standards, discuss professional development opportunities and goals and objectives for the upcoming year. The performance of all University administrators is evaluated as outlined in the Employee Handbook. [12]

The administrator’s immediate supervisor conducts the evaluation. The evaluation process grades the employees without supervisor responsibility on the following factors: job knowledge, productivity, quality of work, responsibility/initiative, relationships, adaptability/resourcefulness, reliability, and overall performance. See Performance Evaluation form. [13] For those administrators with supervising responsibilities, the evaluation form grades them on an additional factor: supervisory skills. An employee’s signed acknowledgement that the supervisor has discussed the appraisal with them is maintained in the Personnel Files in the Office of Human Resources. Annual evaluations are to be completed by June 30 of each year.

Although delays may sometimes occur, they will generally be conducted: before the end of the introductory 90 day period of employment, during consideration for promotion or transfer, and annually.  Performance reviews may be conducted more frequently if the supervisor chooses.

Staff performance is reviewed by supervisors using the Performance Evaluation Form (posted on EagleWeb). Performance reviews will be discussed in a face-to-face meeting between the supervisor and employee. Once the review has been conducted, a copy is given to the employee, a copy is retained by the supervisor, and the original is sent to Human Resources to be placed in the employee’s personnel file.  The following table provides examples of recent evaluation for different types of administrators.

Evaluation Samples by Administrator Type

HR Manager Evaluation by Director [14]


Vice President or Finance & Administration Evaluation by President [15]
Dean Evaluation by Provost [16]
Program Coordinator 1 Evaluation by Dean [17]


Program Coordinator 2 Evaluation by Dean [18]


In summary, Reinhardt University provides a portfolio of documentation to support its judgment of compliance with this comprehensive standard.


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