Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.2.12 Fundraising Activities

The institution demonstrates that its chief executive officer controls the institution's fundraising activities. (Fundraising activities)

Judgment check box Compliance


The President of Reinhardt University is the chief executive officer and reports to the Reinhardt Board of Trustees. (See Bylaws Article VII for a discussion of responsibilities of the chief executive officer.) [1] In accordance with the Bylaws, the President exercises “a general superintendence over all the affairs of the institution,” which includes fundraising activities.   The supporting evidence includes two letters documenting examples of President Mallard’s involvement in fundraising activities. [23]

The President and the Vice President for Advancement and Marketing (VPAM), as designated by the President, are Reinhardt’s chief fundraisers. See organizational chart. [4] The VPAM has the direct responsibility for the planning and coordination of all private fundraising programs and activities.

The duties and responsibilities of the Vice President for Advancement and Marketing [5] are to:

  • assist the President with daily operations of the University
  • supervise the activities/departments of marketing/communication, annual giving (includes stewardship), alumni, community relations and fund raising (includes church relations)
  • serve as staff liaison to the Trustee Advancement and Membership Committees.
  • advise and assist the President with resource development and constituent relations
  • advise the President on trustee membership
  • serve as a member of the President’s Leadership Team
  • represent the University on external and internal committees and at events, as requested and/or needed.

The Vice President plans and directs all University advancement activities for the University's schools and programs. Reinhardt University’s Office of Advancement and Marketing (OAM) develops and implements a plan each spring/early summer to guide the work of the Office in raising funds in support of general University operations and annual scholarships known as the Reinhardt Annual Fund (RAF). [6] In addition to a budget expectation, the OAM sets stretch goals, with assigned personnel, for the RAF each year. [7]

All RU policies governing fundraising activities are included in the supporting documentation. [8910]

The Fundraising Policy stipulates that “the primary responsibility for leading Reinhardt University in its fundraising efforts belongs to the President of the University with specific tasks delegated to the Vice President for Advancement and Marketing (VPAM).”  In addition, the Gift in Kind Policy states that “final determination regarding acceptance of any gift-in-kind will be made by the University President, or designee.”

Each fundraising project request has to be submitted for approval by the Vice President for Advancement and Marketing for approval via a form available on the OAM website. [11]

Reinhardt University does not have a Foundation.


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