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3.2.14 Intellectual Property Rights

The institution's policies are clear concerning ownership of materials, compensation, copyright issues, and the use of revenue derived from the creation and production of all intellectual property. These policies apply to students, faculty, and staff. (Intellectual property rights)

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Reinhardt University is a teaching centered institution dedicated to helping students reach their full potential as scholars and citizens. Although Reinhardt University is not primarily a research institution, the University recognizes that inventions, designs, and discoveries of commercial importance might be an outgrowth of its primary focus on teaching and learning.

Reinhardt’s Intellectual Property Policy applies to all persons employed (either as full-time, part-time, or temporary employees) and to students enrolled at the University.  The Intellectual Property Policy is published in the Reinhardt University Faculty Handbook 2016-2017 [1] as well as the Reinhardt University Student Handbook 2016-2017. [2]

The purpose of the Reinhardt Intellectual Property Policy is to clarify the ownership rights to inventions made by employees and students of Reinhardt University. This policy has three goals: 1) to assist faculty, staff, and students in understanding the ethical responsibilities of properly disclosing the resources of research; 2) to assist faculty, staff, and students in complying with applicable laws and formal agreements; and 3) to ensure that any commercial benefits are equitably distributed among inventors and the interests of Reinhardt University.

The policy defines different types of intellectual property—such as “works of copyright,” “works of authorship,” and “works of patent”—and presents policies concerning ownership of materials, compensation, and use of revenue.

The University reserves all rights to access and use of all instructional materials developed by an individual faculty member or committees that pertain to the organization and delivery of its curriculum, in all modes of delivery. University approved curriculum, including degree structure, course descriptions, syllabi, assignments, examinations, and methods of instructional delivery are for the use of Reinhardt faculty and students.

A faculty committee— the Academic Policies, Standards, and Procedures Committee— has the charge of reviewing the Intellectual Property Policy; monitoring technological and legislative changes affecting intellectual property and developing relevant policy changes; developing a disclosure form and reviewing disclosures of faculty and staff; and mediating any disputes over ownership that might occur.

In summary, Reinhardt University publishes policies concerning intellectual property rights for faculty, staff, and students.


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