Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification Institution’s Mission

The legal authority and operating control of the institution are clearly defined for the following areas within the institution’s governance structure: (Governing board control)

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Reinhardt University operates under the authority of the Secretary of State of Georgia. The institution is operating under the Restated Articles of Incorporation. [1]  In addition, the Bylaws clearly delineate the Board’s legal authority with respect to the mission statement in Article I, Section 1. [2]

The purpose and mission of Reinhardt University is evaluated on a periodic basis by various entities of the institution, any of which can make recommendations to the administration for modification of the Mission of the institution. If the President sees merit in the proposal, a recommendation is made to the Board of Trustees. The Board will then act upon the proposal and, if approved, the change will be implemented.

Prior to the 2017 review and modification, the Mission Statement included two paragraphs describing the University’s commitments and the type of student the University seeks. At the beginning of the third paragraph was the statement of the mission of the University. The statement, “Reinhardt University seeks to educate the whole person by developing the intellectual, social, personal, vocational, spiritual/moral and physical dimensions of its students” found at the beginning of the third paragraph did not change except for some editorial revisions. The words “seeks to” in the phrase “seeks to educate” were omitted to make the phrase stronger. The new beginning of the mission statement now reads, “Reinhardt University educates…” The word “moral” in the dimension “spiritual/moral” was seen as redundant and was omitted.

The Mission did not change, but the language surrounding the Mission Statement was deleted. The result is a stronger mission statement that is not lost in the middle of a longer narrative. The Board of Trustees approved the modifications to the Mission Statement at their meeting on January 24, 2017. [3]

The Mission Statement has been communicated to Reinhardt’s constituencies through inclusion in University publications, websites [4], and important documents like Reinhardt’s Academic Catalogs [56] and Faculty [7], Student [8] and Employee [9] Handbooks.


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