Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.2.3 Board Conflict of Interest

The governing board has a policy addressing conflict of interest for its members. (Board conflict of interest)

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The Board of Trustees operates under a policy for conflicts of interest as listed in Article XIV of the Reinhardt University Bylaws. [1] This Policy protects the integrity of the University by disclosing any affiliations of Board members (and others) that might undermine the independence and business interests of the University. To ensure that each member is aware of the Policy and is not in conflict with the Policy, each member must annually complete the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form. [2] The President, the Provost, all Vice Presidents, and selected other individuals with responsibility over significant amounts of University funds also sign the form on an annual basis.

Individuals who are required to file these disclosure statements must report any activity constituting a potential conflict of interest. Private interests that could result in personal gain, financial or otherwise, are disclosed so that potential conflicts with professional obligations and public trust are monitored. These statements include listing relationships or business affiliations where the individual or immediate family member

  • is an officer, director, trustee, partner, employee, or agent of such an organization;
  • is the actual or beneficial owner of more than four percent of the voting stock or controlling interest of such organization; and/or;
  • has any other direct or indirect dealings from which material benefits are received.

After disclosures have been signed, all responses are collected and kept in the office of the Chief Financial Officer. All disclosed possible conflicts of interest are tabulated and a complete disclosure report is provided to the Board’s Finance Committee and the full Board of Trustees for review. The Board of Trustees reviews the document summarizing relevant disclosures of possible conflicts of interest. No Trustee votes on any matter under consideration at a Board or committee meeting in which such Trustee has a conflict of interest, and the minutes of such meeting reflect that a disclosure was made and that the Trustee abstained from voting. [3] The completed form provided as evidence shows an example of a Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form signed by a member of the Reinhardt University Board of Trustees. [2]


Supporting Documents

[1] Article XIV, Reinhardt University Bylaws

[2] Signed Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

[3] Board of Trustees minutes May 17, 2016