Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.2.6 Board/Administration Distinction

There is a clear and appropriate distinction, in writing and practice, between the policymaking functions of the governing board and the responsibility of the administration and faculty to administer and implement policy. (Board/administration distinction)

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The Board of Trustees of Reinhardt University is the governing body of the University as described in Article I of the Reinhardt University Bylaws. [1] The Board of Trustees is vested with the authority for administration of the University consistent with the laws of the state of Georgia. As such, the Board of Trustees approves the mission and policies of the institution, but the implementation and evaluation of these are clearly delegated to the administration and faculty of the University [23].

The distinctions between the duties of the board and the responsibilities of the administration and faculty are clearly delineated in the University Bylaws and the Faculty Handbook. In accordance with Article VII [4] of Reinhardt University’s Bylaws, the President of Reinhardt University, as chief executive officer, is responsible for the operation and administration of the University. The President is assisted by the President’s Leadership Team, which during 2016-17 consisted of the following senior administrators who are individually and collectively responsible to guide a shared vision and lead institutional operations for the advancement of the University: Provost; Chief Financial Officer; Vice President for Enrollment Management; Vice President for Advancement and Marketing; and Director of Athletics. [5] At the end of the 2016-17 academic year, the Leadership Team was expanded to include the Chief Marketing Officer, the Director of Institutional Research & Effectiveness, and the Dean of Students.

The Faculty Handbook, Section II [6] speaks to the shared governance of the University, its structures, roles, and responsibilities as well as the organizational structure of the University. Section III of the Faculty Handbook [7] delineates the duties and responsibilities of the structure and administration of Academic Affairs and faculty responsibilities and Section IV [8] describes the faculty governance.

The University endorses a collegial system of governance based on the concept of authority and responsibility shared among colleagues. The University’s representative governing bodies include the Faculty Senate and Student Government Association. All faculty members and students are given faculty or student handbooks and documents can be downloaded from the Reinhardt University website (

Recent minutes of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees [9] indicate that the Board focuses attention on policy making and improving the general welfare of the institution. Recent minutes of the Faculty Senate [10] and Deans’ Council [11] indicate that the faculty focuses on curriculum issues and implementing policies and maintaining and improving curriculum.


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