Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.2.7 Organizational Structure

The institution has a clearly defined and published organizational structure that delineates responsibility for the administration of policies. (Organizational structure)

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Reinhardt University has a clearly defined and published organizational structure. [1] The organizational chart is updated and maintained by the Office of Human Resources. The organizational structure is defined by the University’s President and the list of Administrative Officers is approved by the Reinhardt University Board of Trustees.  [2]

The organizational chart, which outlines the five major divisions of the University–Provost (Academic Affairs and Student Affairs), Administration and Finance, Enrollment Management, University Advancement and Marketing, and Athletics–reflects the major decision making areas of the University and is available to both University personnel and the public on the main university website [10] and in University publications. The University Organizational Chart is published in the University Fact Book [3], the Faculty Handbook [4], and on the University’s Intranet. [5]

Job descriptions for all positions, administrative and classified, are on file in Human Resources. All RU faculty position descriptions include proportional components of teaching, research, and service aligned with the discipline-specific credentials needed to meet academic program needs. See an example of an advertised faculty position description [6] and a sample of employment contract. [7]

The responsibilities of the President and Provost as well as other Executive Officers of Reinhardt University are clearly delineated in the Faculty Handbook. [8] The Reinhardt University Bylaws authorizes the President, as the educational and administrative head of the University, to “exercise a general superintendence over all the affairs of the institution.” [9]  At Reinhardt University the following officers are directly responsible to the University's president:

• University Provost

• Vice President for Enrollment Management

• Vice President for Advancement and Marketing

• Chief Finance Officer

• Director of Athletics


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