Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

3.4.2 Continuing Education/Service Programs

The institution’s continuing education, outreach, and service programs are consistent with the institution’s mission. (Continuing education/service programs)

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The primary focus of Reinhardt University is to offer credit-based academic programs with a limited number of non-credit activities in the areas of community outreach and service programs.  Each of these non-credit activities is consistent with Reinhardt’s mission “to educate the whole person by developing the intellectual, social, personal, vocational, spiritual and physical dimensions of its students.

Continuing Education

Reinhardt University does not currently offer credit-bearing continuing education programs.

Service Programs

Students have multiple opportunities, both during the academic year and in the summer, to participate in service programs.  Service is a fundamental component of the Reinhardt University mission to educate the whole person, by addressing directly the personal, social, and spiritual dimensions of our students.   In support of that mission, the Office of Student Activities coordinates volunteer opportunities that help foster students' civic responsibility and personal growth which allows them to become agents of change. The Office of Student Activities serves as a “hub” or gateway to many service opportunities within our North Georgia region.

In addition, service learning at Reinhardt University engages, educates, and equips our campus community with unique skills through experiences that connect rigorous academic curriculum with meaningful and tangible community service and civic engagement for a shared, sustainable future. A summary of the 2015-16 annual reports from the schools shows that 73 students engaged in service learning projects. [1]

Community Outreach

Consistent with its mission to educate the whole person, Reinhardt offers a number of community outreach initiatives.  Perhaps the most important are the artistic and musical performances at the Falany Performing Arts Center and the exhibits and programming at the Funk Heritage Center, which traces the history of the southeastern American Indians and early settlers of the Reinhardt area and offers free programs for local school children.

The mission of the Falany Performing Arts Center is to “serve the students of Reinhardt University and our community by presenting quality fine arts programming at reasonable prices, and to provide superior customer service, diverse performing arts series, and exceptional educational experiences to our guests.”   The center’s mission speaks to the University mission to educate the whole person. Reinhardt’s Falany Performing Arts Center has hosted a variety of events, from theatrical productions, chamber groups, student productions and recitals, and popular ensembles such as the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The public is also invited to theatre performances and tickets are available for a modest charge.  The Falany Performing Arts Center engages each year in an assessment of its objectives and uses assessment data to improve its programming.  [2]

To address the mission of “telling the story of the early Appalachian Settlers and Southeastern Indians through educational programming and the collection, care and exhibition of art and artifacts,” the Funk Heritage Center offers specially planned programs for children and adults throughout the year.  Many are annual events which bring thousands of regular visitors from across north Georgia, as well as other regions, to the Funk Heritage Center.  Others are one-time lectures or workshops which may have a more localized appeal. The Funk Heritage Center assesses each year its objectives and uses assessment data to improve its programming. [3]

In 2016-17, Reinhardt launched the President’s College, a free public lecture series offered to Reinhardt’s campus and surrounding communities. The President’s College is consistent with Reinhardt’s mission to educate the whole person by connecting students and faculty of the institution to local communities, thus expanding our collective understanding of timely topics and how the University (students and faculty) are related to the community. [4] Additionally, in 2016, Reinhardt launched its low-residency MFA program.  As a part of that program, we offer to community members the opportunity to enroll in a non-degree seeking course ENG 497.  Enrollment in the course allows community members to access summer writing workshops.  The course, however, may not be applied to any degree. [5]

Supporting Documents

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[4] 2016-2017 President’s College Schedule

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