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3.4.3 Admissions Policies

The institution publishes admissions policies that are consistent with its mission. (Admissions policies)

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The admissions policies at Reinhardt are consistent with the University mission to educate “the whole person by developing the intellectual, social, personal, vocational, spiritual and physical dimensions of its students.” Reinhardt’s policies are also align with the University’s vision statement is to “create a unique Reinhardt experience where each student thrives.” [1]   In accordance with these statements, Reinhardt’s admission policies aim to ensure that students are academically prepared to thrive in a diverse, university student population. Reinhardt has set standards for admission for all types of students and provides options for applicants who fall outside the range of standard admissions requirements.  Admission standards are tailored to traditional undergraduate students, adult degree-completion students, and graduate students.  These policies are published in the Reinhardt University Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017the Reinhardt University Graduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017, and the official Reinhardt University website.

Traditional Undergraduate Students

The University’s undergraduate admission steps are listed in the University’s Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017, which is published online, under the section “Admissions Policies and Procedures.” [2]  Prospective students are encouraged to apply online to help expedite the admissions process.  Admissions requirements for first year students and transfer students as well as others (dual enrollment, transient, home-school, non-degree seeking, and international) are also listed in the admissions “Steps to Apply” section on the official Reinhardt website. [3] Required documents conform to standard admissions practices in higher education:  use of official high school transcripts with a final GPA of 2.25 on a 4.0 scale, standardized college entrance exams like the SAT or the ACT, and official college transcripts.  Reinhardt also uses best practices for international applicants including proficiency of English language skills, translated evaluation of high school or college work by an official translation company, and verification of financial support. [4]

Applicants who submit test scores and have a grade point average above standard range are invited to apply for admission to the Honors Program. [5]  Until 2016, the Reinhardt University Honor admission requirements were as follows:  “a high school GPA of at least 3.5, an SAT score of at least 1100 (critical reading and math), and placement in college level courses (English 101 and Math 102).  In 2016-2017, the Honors Program revised the requirements to allow for the Redesigned SAT.  Applicants should have placement into English 101 or exemption by dual enrollment or AP credit, and


  • a GPA of at least 3.25 and
  • an SAT score of at least 1100 (critical reading and math) on SAT tests prior to March 2016, or an SAT score of at least 1170 (evidence-based reading and writing and math) on SAT tests after March 2016,
    or a 24 ACT scoreOR
  •  a GPA of at least 3.5 and
  •  an SAT score of at least 1050 (critical reading and math) on SAT tests prior to March 2016, or an SAT score of at least 1120 (evidence-based reading and writing and math) on SAT tests after March 2016,
    or a 22 ACT score

These requirements are posted in the admissions piece [6] and on the Reinhardt University website [7] and will be published in the Reinhardt University Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2017-2018.  The Honors Program addresses the intellectual and social development of our students by providing more stimulating class discussion, more creative assignments, and camaraderie among the Honors Program participants.

Applicants who do not meet admissions requirements may be reviewed by the Admissions and Appeals Committee.  The committee is chaired by the Director of Admissions and comprised of at least one faculty member, the Director of the Student Success Center, the Vice President for Enrollment Management, and the Provost.  The committee is responsible for setting standards for admissions below our minimum requirements, reviewing applicants who fall below our minimum standards, and reviewing appeals by those students denied admission to the University.  In addition, the committee has established guidelines [8] that are adapted for applicants who took the Redesigned SAT.

Applicants with documented learning disabilities may apply to the Academic Support Office (ASO) for professional assistance with their courses. Admission information about ASO is on its webpage [9] and in the Reinhardt University Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017. [10]

Reinhardt also publishes admission for other distinctive populations including Dual Enrollment and Transfer students.  Admissions policies, along with documents and deadlines, for Dual Enrollment students who are still in high school are outlined on Reinhardt’s official website [11] and the Reinhardt University Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017. [12]  Similarly, the admissions information for transfer students is published on the website [13] and in the Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017. [14]

Adult Students, Degree Completion Programs

The admission policies for the adult, degree completion programs, which are mostly online or hybrid programs, reflect the institution’s mission to help students build on their intellectual and vocational development.  As published in the Reinhardt University Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017, degree completion programs in the McCamish School of Business [15] and in the School of Professional Studies [16] expect a certain amount of work experience, a certain number of transfer hours, as well as a GPA standard for admission.  The requirements are also published on the Reinhardt web pages, for working adults [17] and specifically for bachelor’s degree completion. [18] An adult program admissions committee is responsible for evaluating applicants who do not meet minimum admission requirements.

Post-baccalaureate Degree Programs

Post-baccalaureate programs at Reinhardt University address the missions to help students develop intellectually and vocationally. Admissions policies recognize the whole person of the applicant by considering a range of documents, like resumes and reference letters, in addition to test scores.

A student applying to a Reinhardt University graduate program must submit an application, official transcripts from all previously attempted academic work, with one transcript showing a completed bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited academic institution. [19] There are other requirements, as well, depending on the program, which are all commonly accepted requirements, like state and national test scores. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Master of Public Administration (MPA), for example, require GMAT or GRE scores, or evidence to apply for a GMAT/GRE waiver. [20] Both degree programs also require reference letters, and the MBA requires a brief essay.  The MBA requirements are published on the MBA website [21] and in the MBA section of the Reinhardt University Graduate Catalog 2016-2017.  [22] Similarly, the MPA requirements are published on the MPA website [23] and in the MPA section of  Reinhardt University Graduate Catalog 2016-2017.  [24]  The Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) in Early Childhood Education program requires passing scores from the Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators (GACE) admissions test. This test and its possible exemptions are explained, along with other admissions requirements, on the MAT Admissions website [25] and in the MAT section of the Reinhardt University Graduate Catalog 2016-2017. [26]  The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) in Creative Writing website [27] and Catalog section [28] publish admission requirements, including extensive writing samples.

International students may also apply for Reinhardt’s graduate programs.  The polices and necessary documents, which includes a transcript letter of equivalency prepared by an authorized company, are published in the Reinhardt University Graduate Catalog 2016-2017. [29]

Applicants submit all admissions materials to the Office of Graduate Admissions, but an applicant’s complete file is reviewed and approved by the faculty in the academic program which is being sought.  The program admissions committee might recommend “Full Admission”, “Provisional Admission” with additional undergraduate or graduate coursework needed, or “Denial”. [30]


Through its academic catalogs and its official website Reinhardt University publishes admissions policies that are consistent with its mission and vision to select students who will thrive at a small university.

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