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3.7.3 Faculty Development

The institution provides evidence of ongoing professional development of faculty as teachers, scholars, and practitioners. (Faculty development)

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Reinhardt University supports the development of its faculty in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and professional practice through a variety of programs.

Faculty Development Committee

The Faculty Development Committee, made up of appointed full-time Reinhardt faculty members, manages three programs designed to support faculty development:

  1. Sabbatical: Research Leave
    1. Full-time faculty are eligible to apply for sabbatical leave in order to conduct research.  Faculty approved for sabbatical receive full salary and benefits compensation provided the research leave is one semester only.  Faculty who are approved to take a full academic year of sabbatical receive half salary. Two faculty members took semester sabbaticals during the 2016-2017 academic year; two other faculty will take sabbatical in 2017-2018. [1] [2]
  2. Faculty Development Funding to Conduct or Present Research
    1. Full-time faculty members are eligible to apply for faculty development funding. [3]
  3. Faculty Colloquia
    1. Three times a semester, Reinhardt faculty members offer presentations to the community on recent research or effective teaching methods [4]

The Office of the Provost holds the funds for faculty development. Based upon recommendation from the Faculty Development Committee, the Provost approves or denies funding for the faculty member’s activities. Here are reports for 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 showing expenditures for faculty professional growth. [5] [6]   An end of year report is also completed each spring by the Faculty Development Committee highlighting the recipients’ professional development activities. [7]

Academic Enrichment Funding

Each academic school maintains an academic enrichment line within its budget, which is managed by the School Dean.  Faculty interested in pursuing research, attending a conference, attending or participating in a teaching webinar, or seeking materials to prepare for a new course may request academic enrichment funding from the Dean.  The School Dean has approximately $400 per faculty member with a full-time appointment in his or her school.  Here is evidence of academic enrichment distributions by academic school, in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, respectively. [8] [9]

Faculty Development Workshops & Seminars

Reinhardt University provides all faculty, full or part-time, an opportunity to participate in faculty development workshops and seminars, during the opening sessions of fall and spring semesters.  In fall 2016, Dr. Laurie Schreiner of Azusa University presented an all-day workshop titled “Thriving from the Start: Engaging Today’s Learners.” In spring 2017, Professor Ashley Blair of Union University presented two workshops, “Professionalism is the New Participation” and “Facilitating Student Engagement through Academic Community.”  In addition to fall and spring workshops, Reinhardt offers approximately three Community Gathering events per semester. Community Gathering brings guest speakers from the surrounding community to Reinhardt to speak on contemporary topics. [10]

Council of Independent Colleges Seminars & Workshops

Reinhardt University is a member of the Council of Independent Colleges (CIC).  [11] Annually, CIC offers faculty workshops and seminars to which Reinhardt faculty may apply.  In 2016, two faculty members participated in these workshops.

Teaching, Research, and Artistic Performance Awards

Reinhardt University also encourages ongoing professional development by offering the following teaching, research, and artistic awards on an annual basis:

  • Vulcan Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • Jane England Award for Teaching Excellence
  • United Methodist Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Reinhardt University Artistic Performance Award
  • Reinhardt University Award for Scholarship

Sample minutes documenting the Faculty Development Committee’s decision to select the honoree for one of the above awards is included in the supporting documentation. [12] All Faculty Development Committee meeting minutes, guidelines, and reports are maintained in the EagleWeb, the University’s Intranet.  [13]

In 2016-2017, the Office of the Provost surveyed faculty to gain a fuller understanding of faculty satisfaction with the University’s opportunities for professional development and growth.  The results show that approximately two-thirds of the faculty were satisfied with the Guest Speaker Workshops organized by the Provost’s Office. [14]

Last spring, Reinhardt University participated in the 2016 Great Colleges To Work For program. The Great Colleges program is run through a partnership between The Chronicle of Higher Education and Modern Think, an independent research and consulting firm focusing on workplace excellence. Reinhardt University’s administration reports an 80% (Very Good) satisfaction rate in the area of professional development, while faculty responded with a 71% (Good) satisfaction rate.  According to the Great Colleges To Work For graph, Reinhardt, overall, ranks favorably with other institutions who participated. [15]

Reinhardt's involvement in the Great Colleges To Work For program, its institutional survey results, and its on-going professional development programing enables the University to assess, evaluate and enhance the working environment for faculty as teachers, scholars, and practitioners.


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