Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification

2.1 Degree-Granting Authority                      

The institution has degree-granting authority from the appropriate government agency or agencies. (Degree-granting authority)

Judgment check box Compliance


Reinhardt University has degree-granting authority under the provisions of the Secretary of State Office of the State of Georgia and as stated in the Restated Articles of Incorporation of Reinhardt University [1]:

In addition to the general powers of nonprofit corporations enumerated in the Georgia Nonprofit   Corporation Code, the Corporation shall have the specific power to employ such administrative officers, professors, staff and employees as may be required to carry out its educational purposes, to prescribe courses of study, tuition rates and admission policies which are non-discriminatory as to race, sex, and national origin, to confer honors and degrees and grant diplomas usual to universities, and to perform all other reasonable and lawful acts to further the interest of the community.

The official certificate of Restated Articles of Incorporation for Reinhardt University as a domestic nonprofit corporation is verified by the Secretary of State and the Corporation Commissioner in the State of Georgia.

Reinhardt University Bylaws (Article I, number 6) indicate that Reinhardt’s Board of Trustees has the power to approve and authorize all earned and honorary degrees upon recommendation of the faculty [2].

In addition, the teacher education programs have approval from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (PSC) and the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (to be launched in January 2018 pending SACSCOC substantive change approval) program received “initial approval” from the Georgia Board of Nursing.  Letters from these state agencies are included as evidence. [34]

Academic Program State Agency Approved Most Recent Review Next Review
Biology Education (B.S.) GA PSC Yes 2010 Fall 2018
Early Childhood Education (P-5) (B.S.) GA PSC Yes 2010 Fall 2018
Early Childhood Education (P-5) (M.A.T.) GA PSC Yes 2010 Fall 2018
English/Language Arts Education (6-12)(B.S.) GA PSC Yes 2010 Fall 2018
Mathematics Education (6-12) (B.S.) GA PSC Yes 2010 Fall 2018
Middle Grades Education (4-8) (B.S.) GA PSC Yes 2010 Fall 2018
Music Education (P-12) (B.M.E.) GA PSC Yes 2010 Fall 2018
Nursing (B.S.N) GA BoN Initial Approval 2017 TBD

Reinhardt University does not offer degrees at branch campuses or at off-campus instructional sites located in other states or outside United States.

Supporting Documents

[1] Restated Articles of Incorporation of Reinhardt University 

[2] Reinhardt University Bylaws, Article I

[3] Georgia Professional Standards Commission Approval Letter

[4] Georgia Board of Nursing Approval Letter