Reinhardt University SACSCOC Compliance Certification


2.4 Institutional Mission

The institution has a clearly defined, comprehensive, and published mission statement that is specific to the institution and appropriate for higher education. The mission addresses teaching and learning and, where applicable, research and public service. (Institutional mission)

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The mission statement of Reinhardt University is “Reinhardt University educates the whole person by developing the intellectual, social, personal, vocational, spiritual and physical dimensions of its students.”

The mission statement of Reinhardt University was revised in 2017 and approved by the Reinhardt University Board of Trustees on January 24, 2017. [1] The mission statement is specific to the institution and appropriate for higher education and addresses teaching and learning and, where applicable, research and public service. The mission statement is published in numerous places for all of the constituencies of the institution, including:

The mission statement (Reinhardt University seeks to educate the whole person by developing the intellectual, social, personal, vocational, spiritual and physical dimensions of its students), vision statement (Create a unique Reinhardt experience where each student thrives), and student learning objectives of the institution, located in the University Undergraduate Academic Catalog [2], establish the instructional philosophy and focus of the University. Reinhardt University emphasizes instruction based upon a close relationship between the student and the instructor. Reinhardt maintains small class sizes and develops faculty to excel in personalized instruction for students based on their individual needs. There are expectations that faculty will focus primarily on instruction, will participate in public and institutional service, and will be active scholars. The core values of Reinhardt University are Faith – Learning – Leading.

Intellectual: In addition to a robust liberal arts based curriculum that includes 43 academic programs, the University supports this dimension of its mission by providing an Honors Program and 14 academic honors societies, a Community Gathering series that brings experts in various fields to speak to the community, and a variety of academic field trips and class guest speakers. Faculty work with students in developing undergraduate research projects that culminate in presentations at academic conferences as well as serve needs in the community. The University designates $9.5 million annually to academic scholarships.

Social: The University provides many opportunities for social development including over 45 clubs, 24 athletic teams, and a variety of club sports, and intramural sports, and outdoor recreation activities as well as late night and weekend programming. The University also offers an assortment of volunteer and service learning opportunities. The RAs in each residence hall provide residence hall programming and various activities are planned throughout the year for social interaction. See for more information.

Personal: Several workshops and speaker series are held each year to help students develop personally. Workshop topics include Time Management, Healthy Relationships, Intentionality, Character Development, Team Building, Personal Finance, and Leadership Development. Within the Student Affairs Division, Counseling Services, Health Services and Campus Minster collaborate together to host a “Mind, Body, Spirit” series as an integrated approach to promoting the care of the whole person through which students learn how to take better care of themselves and how to make good decisions that can have an impact on their well-being. Each Residence Assistant is required to offer residence hall programming for personal and relational development. Examples of these include: Residence Life coordinates programming within the residence halls that focus on the following areas: diversity, social education, life skills, personal and physical wellness, service, and personal growth. Examples of these programs include: Educating on Alcohol, Squeeze Away Your Stress, Cute Organization, Power of Money (Personal Finance), and Resume 101.  Resident Assistant programming also focuses on community building within the halls through social programming such as game nights, DIY projects, video game tournaments, and other social events that are purposed to bring residents together.

Vocational: The University Career Services Department offers testing services to help students identify the best major for their desired career. They also offer resume writing workshops, mock interviewing opportunities, internship and part-time job placement services, as well as helping students learn to use LinkedIn and other social media and technology resources to help in their job search. A unique program, S-CAP (Strategic Career Advantage Platform) is offered on Saturdays to help students enhance their soft skills such as emotional intelligence, listening, working in teams, and project management. With the retirement of the Director of Professional Development and Career Services, the responsibilities for that position were revised in May 2017 to specifically address vocational development. The new title is Director of Vocational and Career Services.

Spiritual: Reinhardt’s Campus Minister leads Common Ground weekly worship services and sponsors service and mission spring and fall break trips. Our Service-Learning program helps educate students to the importance of serving others as an example set by scripture. The University also has spiritual speakers at their monthly Community Gathering and numerous student-led Bible studies occur across campus. The University has strong relationship with Waleska United Methodist Church located on our campus.

Physical: The Campus has a Wellness program that involves community workout classes, yoga, and weight training. Students who are not athletes have two workout facilities located in the apartments and one in the athletic facility. Athletes have a designated workout facility in the Tom Isherwood Fieldhouse. The campus also offers 7 miles of hiking trails, a variety club sports, and many intramural sports and outdoor activities for students.


Supporting Documents

[1] Mission Statement, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes – January 24, 2017

[2] Undergraduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017

[3] Graduate Academic Catalog 2016-2017

[4] Student Handbook 2016-2017

[5] Faculty Handbook 2016-2017