Outdoor Performance FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions


1) What is a Pod?

A Pod is an individual location for guests to sit in during our outdoor performances.


2) I have tickets, do I need to reserve a Pod?

Your ticket order is your reservation for a Pod. If you purchase 4 tickets, we ask that all 4 people sit together in the Pod. If you have 2 tickets and would like to combine with friends who also have tickets, you’re welcome to do so.


3) How many people can sit in a Pod?

Pods are meant to hold from 1-6 guests. We set this number based on the comfort of the guests in their chairs and allowing for space for coolers or dancing.


4) Are Pods numbered or reserved?

Pods are not numbered or reserved for each guest. We will have a section of Pods held for 20/21 Patron Membership holders and a “general seating” section of Pods.


5) Where will the concerts be located?

We are planning for our concerts to be located in the Falany parking lot and the field in front of the Brown Athletic Center on campus. Information on the location of the concert may be found on the front of your colored tickets.


6) How large are the Pods?

Pods are generally 8ft x 8 ft and socially distanced.


7) Are the Pods heated? Covered? Lighting?

The Pods are not heated, not covered, and do not have individual lighting. We encourage guests to bring with you whatever you need to feel comfortable. We will have the normal lights in the parking lot to assist with keeping the entire space well lit.


8) Will masks be required?

We encourage masks when not in your Pod or not eating. If you would like a Falany mask, please visit our table where you may get a free mask and free keychain hand sanitizer!


9) What other COVID-19 precautions are being taken?

The Falany is following a set of protocols and steps, over 25! Guests will notice one big change in that we will not have ushers “checking tickets” up close. We will instead mail your passes 2-3 weeks before each show which you will show-at a safe distance- to the ushers. The back of your pass will have reminders about that specific performance. We will not have programs printed but will email them before the show as well as have a digital version available.


10) What can I bring with me?

We ask that guests bring a chair with you. We encourage you to bring blankets, food, drinks, dancing shoes…anything that will help with having a great time!

*Due to limited staff, please call in advance to make appointments to visit in person.  At times, staff will be out at a conference, meeting, or preparing for an event. Please leave a message; the staff will call back as soon as possible.

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