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Funk Heritage Center School Tours

School tours may be arranged for groups of 20 or more.  The Center provides programs featuring Georgia's Native Americans that will supplement and enhance classroom curriculum and understanding. Many of the revised social studies and science standards are incorporated into the tours according to grade levels. Advance reservations for group tours are required.

School field trip admission fees for students is $7. For the standard tour option, admission for adults is $10. Teachers are admitted free of charge with school ID. Discounts are available for Title I schools and Cherokee County Schools.  After tours, students may visit the Bennett History Museum Store (souvenirs from 50 cents).  Outdoor uncovered picnic facilities are available for 150 - 200 people.


Tour options are listed below. Make reservations by contacting our education coordinator at 770.720.5969.

School Tour Options

(1Hour 15mintues)

GSE:  SS2H1 a &b, SS2H2, SS2G2, SS2CG3, SS2E1, SS2E3

Students view a 15 minute film on the Southeastern Indians and see three galleries. They will learn how the Creek and Cherokee Indians lived. They will also see how archaeology has contributed to our knowledge of the past and why the environment influenced how Native Americans lived.

Admission fee: $7 per student; $10 per adult; teachers are admitted free.

(1hour 15minutes)

GSE:  SS3H1, SS3H2, SS3G3

Students tour includes a 15 minute film on the Southeastern Indians and visits to three galleries.  Students will learn how American Indians used the environment to obtain food, clothing and shelter in different regions.  Docents explain the cooperation and conflict between European explorers and Native Americans.

Admission fee: $7 per student: $10 per adult; teachers are admitted free with school ID

(1hour 30min)

4th Grade Tour:  The Trail of Tears and Simple Machines - (1hour, 30 min)

GSE:  SS4H3, SS4G2, S4P3

In addition to seeing a 20 minute film on the Trail of Tears, students will learn about the removal of the five civilized tribes that included Georgia's Cherokee and Creek Indians and their relocation to Indian Territory in Oklahoma. In the Sellars Tool Gallery, docents will focus on simple machines included in the science curriculum.

Admission fee: $7 per student: $10 per adult; teachers are admitted free with school ID

(1 hour, 30 min.)

8th Grade Tour:  Georgia’s Early History and the Trail of Tears:  Students will learn about early Creek and Cherokee Indian cultures, De Soto’s exploration, and the Trail of Tears.  Lots of Georgia history. 

GSE:  SS8H1, SS8H2, SS8H4, SS8G1


Customizable Tours for any grade level:  Choose a film on the Southeastern Indians or the Trail of Tears and your choice of 3 to 5 galleries.

(1 hour and 15 min. to 1 hour and 45 min.)  $6-$7/ $9

(1 hour and 15 min. to 1 hour and 45 min)

Indoor Program Add-ons

For a $2 additional fee per student/adult the following 30 minute programs may be added to a school tour.

  • Music: Meet a pioneer musician who will play musical instruments, sing songs, and teach dances to students.  Learn about the history of music in our area. 
  • Historical Figure Reenactors: Visit with Ben Franklin (SS1H1, SS1H2, SS4H1, SS4H2) or Thomas Jefferson (SS1H1, SS1H2, SS8H3b)

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