History Programs

History Programs Offered by the Funk Heritage Center

To address the mission of telling the story of the early Appalachian Settlers and Southeastern Indians through educational programming and the collection, care and exhibition of art and artifacts, the Funk Heritage Center staff offer many specially planned programs for children and adults throughout the year.  Many are annual events which bring thousands of regular visitors from across north Georgia, as well as other regions, to the Funk Heritage Center.  Others are one-time lectures or workshops which may have a more localized appeal.

The Funk Heritage Center also hosts lectures on interesting topics. In addition it hosts the special programs listed below.  See more by clicking the link on the left:

  • Lectures
  • Native American Day
  • Pioneer Days
  • Scout Tours
  • Smithsonian Day
  • Georgia History Month

Other types of tours or programs for special groups are also offered:

  • Pioneer Days - Held each May, school children K-5 will learn how people lived during the 1840s.
  • Child Care  Center Tours- held weekdays during the summer months

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