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February 2018 Lecture Series Program - History Month in Georgia

Tuesday, February 6

2 p.m.

Vince Dooley and Dr. Samuel Thomas,

co-authors of The Legion's Fighting Bulldog*

Vince Dooley, historian and former University of Georgia athletic director and head football coach, and Dr. Samuel Thomas, director of the Thomas R.R. Cobb House in Athens, will speak about their new book. "The Legion's Fighting Bulldog" details the life of St. Col. William Gaston Delony who commanded one of the most storied military units of the Civil Way, the Georgia Legion Calvary. This account of his life is mostly derived from wartime correspondence between Delony and his wife Rosa.              

*Published by Mercer University Press

Vince Dooley
Vince Dooley
Dr. Samuel Thomas
Dr. Samuel Thomas

Thursday, February 15, 2 p.m.

Author Dr. Michael Morris

Backcountry Bourgeoisie--Scots-Irish Fur Traders and their Indian Brides

Dr. Morris, of the College of Costal Georgia, who is pictured below, is an expert in the field of colonial Southeastern Indian trade, especially the role of Native American women. He recently published the first scholarly biography of George Galphin, principle agent to the Creek Indians. Living among the Creek Indians for years as a trader, Galphin's marriages and behests to his multiracial family members set off a decades-long controversy in the Georgia courts.

Dr. Michael Morris
Dr. Michael Morris

Tuesday, February 20, 2 p.m.

Dr. George Lamplugh

States" Rights, Nullification and Cherokee Removal

To finalize this series of lectures, Dr. Lamplugh, pictured below, returns to "connect the dots" between States' rights, nullification and the removal of the Cherokee in 1838. Dr. George Lamplugh is an expert on 19 century Georgia. He will explain that Andrew Jackson strongly opposed nullification when it did not serve his purposes. He also endorsed it when it resulted in a policy he liked. Dr. Lamplugh will provide insight into how this affected the Cherokee Indians and their 1838 removal to Oklahoma

Dr. George Lamplugh
Dr. George Lamplugh

Admission for all lectures is $10, $5 for members, Reinhardt University faculty and staff. Reservations are required as seating is limited. Call 770-720-5957.

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