Library FAQ

Library FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the library hours?

Hours vary by day of the week and by academic semester and/or breaks. Please check the current hours for all the Reinhardt Libraries

What are the library policies and costs for printing, photocopying, and scanning?

  • There is no charge for black & white printing on library laser printers.
  • Color printing is 50 cents per page and is available at the service desk.
  • Photocopying is 10 cents per page for students and 15 cents per page for community patrons. The photocopier is located near the service desk.
  • Scanning is available at no cost on the second floor at the photocopier near the service desk.

What resources are available in the Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center?

The Hill Freeman Library and Spruill Learning Center is a three story, 30,000 square foot library located in the center of Reinhardt University. It contains computers with access to databases and a full suite of application software, the book and periodical collections, and study space. An explanation of resources and space usage by floor can be found in the section on the Waleska Library.

Can I access library resources online?

Most library databases and ebooks are available to Reinhardt students, faculty and staff anywhere that there is Internet access. Community patrons cannot access online resources outside of the library. Please see instructions on how to access the library resources from off campus.

How do I access the After Hours Library?

Access to computers, a printer, and a study area are available to Reinhardt students, faculty and staff 24/7/365 in the After Hours Library. When the main library area is closed, your Eagle Card will unlock the first floor entrance door facing the Hasty Student Life Center to allow access to the After Hours Library. Read more about the After Hours Library

For how long may I check out a book? Are there fines on overdue books?

For students and community patrons, the normal check out period for a book is three (3) weeks. Overdue books incur a 5 cents per day per book fine for students and 20 cents per day per book for community patrons. Circulation periods vary for other materials such as DVDs and other media. Read more about the complete circulation policy and length of check out by materials and patron groups.