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Reinhardt University Marketing

University Marketing – Project Guidelines

In order to obtain maximum efficiency for project requests, the University Marketing Office asks that you review the following information before the project request is submitted. Our office adheres to this process as a project workflow guideline for all departments and divisions.

  • All projects submissions must be sent in 60 days prior to requested due date 
    • A Project brief will be written by the Marketing department for projects that have multiple components and also require multiple staff and departments to produce. The Marketing department will determine if a project requires a brief.
    • The Reinhardt style guide and 10 Step Project Process will be used as the guideline for all projects. 
    • University Marketing is the final approval for all content.
    • Projects submitted inside 60 days are not guaranteed to be completed on the specified due date.  

10 Step Project Process

Project Planning

Step 1: Submit Project Request Form
Step 2: Upon receipt of project request, Marketing will:

  • Communicate within 3 business days with project contact person to schedule a time to discuss the project 
  • Create a Project Brief, Deliverables List and Timeline within 7 business days, based on complexity of project
  • Email Project Brief, Deliverables List and Timeline documents to project contact person for review

Editorial and Creative Production Begins

Step 3: Obtain all content from project contact person 
Step 4: Begin production and creation of content 
Step 5: Design/Creation – 1st Draft 
Step 6: Department Review of 1st Draft - (7 business day review period)
Step 7: Design/Creation – 2nd Draft (if needed)
Step 8: Final Department Review of 2nd draft - (7 business day review period)
Only errors will be fixed. 

Final Delivery and Quality Control

Step 9: Project is created and completed based on Stage 8 review 
Step 10: A Final Review for quality control may be used in order to ensure accuracy and brand compliancy

University Marketing Request Form

This form should be used to request development of any new marketing communications materials, such as those identified in this form under “Types of marketing and communications support,” as well as updating of existing materials.

All fields on this form should be completed as fully as possible. This will help the University Marketing Office determine the level of support and type of communication needed for your project as well as the priority your project requires along with others in production.

Marketing Request

Marketing Request