RN to BSN Curriculum

Registered Nurse (RN) to Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Course Descriptions

NUR 309 Perspectives in Professional Nursing (3)

The focus of this course is to facilitate socialization of the returning registered nurse to the role of nursing student as well as the role of the professional nurse and concepts found in holistic nursing. These concepts are derived from theory or research and include critical thinking, clinical reasoning, professional ethics, and effective communication.  This course also provides an emphasis on elements of professional writing, advance degree conversations, career planning and portfolio development.

NUR 310 Health Assessment for the Registered Nurse (4)

This course focuses on interviewing, history taking, and physical assessment techniques involved in the process of assessing the health of individuals across the lifespan.  A systematic approach in the use of skills in data collection and healthcare assessment in recognizing normal findings and common deviations associated with pathologies is emphasized to create the underpinnings for professional practice. Online and laboratory instruction are included in this course.

NUR 311 Nursing Research and Evidence-based Practice (3)

This course prepares students to understand the role of research in evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare.  Critical thinking skills through the review and process of research are emphasized.  The reliability of sources of evidence and the critique of research studies in synthesizing research concepts and findings into nursing practice are addressed in the scholarly endeavor to promote the evaluation of research studies for applicability to nursing practice.

NUR 409 Nursing Legalities and Ethics (3)

This course prepares students to understand the role of the professional nurse in the legal and ethical dilemmas that face today’s registered nurse. Discussion of “real life” applications of personal and professional beliefs, ethics, values, morals, codes of conduct in human relationships using ethical decision-making, problem-solving, and critical thinking activities for interacting with the multidisciplinary team will be a component of this course.

NUR 410 Community and Global Population Focused Health (6)

This course examines theories and principles of community health and public health issues of individuals, families, and communities locally and on the global stage.  Emphasis is placed on prevention of illness, promotion of health, and provision of care to vulnerable populations.  Emergent infections are explored in relation to communicable disease prevention, control, and pharmacotherapeutics.  Multidisciplinary care is addressed regarding the role of the community health nurse in case management, emergency preparedness, and disaster response.  Online instruction and clinical are included in this course.

NUR 411 Nursing Leadership (4)

This course focuses on the role of the professional nurse as a leader and manager.  Content features those inherent responsibilities the registered nurse assumes as designer, manager, coordinator, and patient care provider.  Essential skills for the development of team building, collaboration with various health care providers, and delegation are addressed.  Students build on exercising critical thinking and decision-making in the care of individuals and groups of patients.  Online and clinical instruction are included in this course.

NUR 412 Health Policy and Nursing Informatics (3)

This course provides an introduction on the topics of health policy and politics as well as the topic of nursing informatics. Discussion of these topics and application of the knowledge obtained will assist the professional nursing in navigating the challenges that face today’s registered nurse in everyday practice. A history of informatics, it’s uses today and in the future of nursing will be a focus of this course.  In addition, the role of the professional nurse in today’s health policy and politics will also be addressed.

NUR 413 Nursing Considerations for Aging and Health (3)

This course focuses on the study and nursing care of individuals as they age. Emphasis is placed on the role of the professional nurse in assisting clients along the continuum of health as it pertains to the aging process. The course will evaluate this process in the context of the human being biological, psychological, social, and spiritual and how aging impacts each of these areas.

NUR 414 Nursing Capstone (6)

This course is a synthesis course that immerses the student in the concepts taught for the BSN program in preparation of the role of the professional nurse.  The focus is on preparing the student for the next steps in the career and academic process. The student will complete a capstone project focused on a specific interest and area of study.  The project will be developed, implemented, evaluated and presented.

Online instruction and clinical are included in this course.

Total Nursing credit hours - 66

  • RU nursing classes 35
  • Experience credit 31

Total General Education and Associated Courses – 62
Total Nursing Program credit hours – 128

General education curriculum and associated courses (Required)

ENG 101 Composition (3)
ENG 203, 204, 223, 224, 271, or 272 (3)
COM 108 Fundamentals of Speech (3)
ENG 103 Writing for Science or English (3)
Critical Thinking/Inquiry
MAT 200 Statistics (3)
Knowledge of self, society, culture
Arts experience (see options Art, Music, Theatre) (3)
HIS 111, 112, 120, 121, 210, 251 or 252 (6)
POL 101 American Government (3)
SOC 105 Introduction to Sociology (3)
REL 204 or 205 recomended or any other (3)
Associated Sciences
CHE 180/181 General Chemistry I or Nursing Chemistry (4)
PSY 101 Introduction to Psychology (3)
PSY 200 Developmental Psychology (3)
BIO 120/121 Introduction to cell and molecular biology (4)
BIO 220 & 221 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (4)
BIO 222 & 223 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (4)
BIO 260 & 261 Introductory Microbiology (4)

Nursing curriculum

NUR 309 Perspectives in Professional Nursing
(Once this class has been passed 31 credit hours for previous nursing experience will be credited in addition to the 3 hours of this course).
NUR 310 Health Assessment for the Registered Nurse (4)
NUR 311 Nursing Research and Evidenced based Practice (3)
NUR 409 Nursing Legalities and Ethics (3)
NUR 410 Community and Global Population Focused Health (6)
NUR 411 Nursing Leadership (4)
NUR 509 Health Policy and Nursing Informatics (3)
NUR 510 Nursing Considerations for Aging and Health (3)
NUR 511 Nursing Capstone (6)

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