Anna Edenfield

“I would advise all students to get involved in clubs and organizations at the University,”

Anna Edenfield

Recent Reinhardt Graduate Offered Multiple Job Opportunities Days After Graduation

Job opportunities came knocking down one recent Reinhardt graduate’s door. Just two weeks after she received her diploma, Anna Edenfield ’10, a native of Powder Springs, Ga., had job offerings from two prominent companies*offerings that resulted from her participation in the University’s SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) competition team.

“I got both jobs because of SIFE,” said Edenfield. “Companies take you more seriously when you are a part of SIFE, especially if you are a presenter in the competition. These companies understand the intensity of the work that each member of SIFE had to put into the club and presentation in order to be ready for the competition. I had applied to a number of other places for similar positions as those of Home Depot and the other company that offered me a position, but did not hear back from them; thus, it showed me that being a part of SIFE really did give me an edge in my job hunt!”

The Regional SIFE competition, which was held in early April in Atlanta, Ga., consisted of 56 different schools broken down into nine leagues of competition. Reinhardt competed against the University of West Georgia, Alcorn State University, Alabama State University, Tennessee State University and Gainesville State University. The competition was judged by 15 business professionals from companies such as Coca Cola, AFLAC and Home Depot. Each team presented about the outreach programs that they did throughout the year, and it gave students a chance to practice their oral presentation skills in a real-life setting.

A SIFE Career Fair also took place during the competition, and it was at the fair that Edenfield met with representatives from several different companies, including Home Depot, of which offered her interviews and then later on, offered her a job with their company. When it came to decision time, Edenfield ultimately chose to take a position at Home Depot headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. as an inventory control specialist. It was a choice that she made with upmost consideration.

“There were a couple of different reasons why I chose Home Depot over the other company. First, I will have so many more opportunities to move up within the company. Home Depot also offered tuition reimbursement, so I will be able to go back and get my master’s degree. I did not have relocate with Home Depot, and I would have had to move out of state for the other company. Finally, my salary was 20 percent higher with Home Depot.”

Edenfield is thankful for all the opportunities she had at Reinhardt and as a part of SIFE, and hopes that all students at the University will make the most of their time there.

“I would advise all students to get involved in clubs and organizations at the University,” she said. “It looks really good on your resume. I know that I would not been able to get two job offers right out of college if I was not involved. Also, make the best grades you can because honor societies and any awards you get from your school will get you one step closer to getting the job. From my experience, having a built up resume gets you a great job. Lastly, know what you want with a job because if you do get the opportunity to choose it will make it easier to decide which company is right for you!”

With the support of her parents, professors and mentors, Edenfield embarked on her new career adventure on June 15, which was her first day in the position with Home Depot.

“Anna has taken advantage of all the opportunities Reinhardt University has to offer,” said Peggy Feehery, Reinhardt director of career services. “She is a shining example of what intelligence, heart, attitude and joy can do to bring about excellent results.”