Having an Internship Gives You An Edge

Business majors are not required to have an internship, but they are encouraged to do so. The benefits of having an internship experience prior to your graduation include:

  • Gaining work place experience - you'll be able to put your classroom knowledge into practice as you learn from your coworkers and from the organization with which you work.
  • Resume builder - You will be a step ahead with potential employers because you had the initiative to land and complete an internship.
  • Successful pprojects - You may work on real hands-on projects, which you can review  with prospective employers.
  • Networking - your internship supervisor and others you work with may be useful in your job search as contacts or as references.
  • Job offer - you may land a permanent job with your internship company.

Pictured below are just a few of our students who have done recent internships.

Stephen Daffer

Cushing Memorial Park Inc.

Stephen Daffer is currently a senior from Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Stephen will graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Marketing.  Stephen has been an active student on campus, is a member of the McCamish School of Business’ collegiate chapter of Enactus, and has had the honor of being on the Dean’s List for the past two years.  Stephen says that college has taught him how to be responsible and to show up on time no matter if the occasion is big or small.  He also says that college has taught him to be prepared, whether it is a homework assignment or an internship.

Throughout the spring of 2013, Stephen completed a four month long internship at Cushing Memorial Park located near Lake Allatoona in Canton, Georgia.  Cushing Memorial Park, Inc. was funded and created by the founder of Delta Airlines and was initially a private park for Delta employees.  Through the years however, the park has opened its doors to the community by way of an annual membership.  During Stephen’s internship, he undertook the handling of many projects such as researching alternate ways of revenue, updating marketing pamphlets, made updates and revisions to the organizations constitution, and created an emergency protocol in the case of an emergency at the park.

In the spring semester of 2013, he recently had the honor of presenting at Reinhardt’s annual Convocation of Artists and Scholars event.  His presentation was on his internship at Cushing Memorial Park.  He provided valuable information about his internship and gave fellow classmates helpful tips on how to be successful in an internship.  Stephen says that his internship prepared him for what it will be like when he graduates college and enters into a career. He also values the real world work experience that his internship has provided.  His advice to anyone interested in taking an internship would be to remember to leave time for yourself and to take care of yourself. That way, you can give 100% of your best effort to whatever your task you are given.  After graduating from Reinhardt, Stephen plans on finding a career as an Accountant or Financial Consultant.

Katie Reynolds

Cherokee Conference Center

Katie Reynolds is a senior who currently resides in Canton, Georgia. Katie will graduate in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in Management. During her time at Reinhardt, Katie has been involved in numerous campus activities. She has been a member of the Student Activities Council as well as the Vice President of Student Activities. She has also been on the executive board of the Student Government Association, has been a Reinhardt Captain, an Orientation Leader, and is currently part of the Reinhardt Eagles Cheer team. Furthermore, she has participated in several annual events such as the Miss Reinhardt 2012 pageant where she placed third runner up, and has had the honor of presenting in the Convocation of Artists and Scholars where she presented her research paper entitled, “Facebook 101.” Katie is currently a member of Sigma Lambda, an Academic Honor Society designed for student programmers that excel in scholarship and leadership within the student activities field.

During the summer of 2013, Katie accepted a four month long internship with the Cherokee Conference Center at The Bluffs in Canton, Georgia. Katie’s main role as an intern was to assist with special events at the conference center such as weddings, receptions, seminars, etc. The conference center works closely with Event Mark to ensure that clients receive everything they need; from entertainment and catering, to chairs and table cloths. On the day of an event, Katie would arrive at the conference center about four to five hours before the event started in order to help with setting up chairs, tables, and other equipment. She also oversaw that preparation for each event goes smoothly and in a timely manner. Katie’s other tasks also included giving conference center tours to prospective clients, affectively communicating with clients to better understand their needs, guiding clients with decorating and designing their event space, and brainstorming with the conference center staff to come up with ideas to efficiently market their space.

Katie thoroughly enjoyed her internship at the Cherokee Conference Center. Working at the conference center has made her realize that she made the right decision by majoring in Management. She says, “every time I come into work, I really like it. It’s something I want to do.” Her internship taught her that managing your time is important, especially on a professional scale. Katie’s advice to anyone interested in doing an internship would be to find an internship that really pertains to you and your major, and to also learn from your experiences during your internship because they will definitely be beneficial to you in the future.

While at Reinhardt, Katie has learned a lot. She has learned the importance of being on time and being prepared, and how to affectively manage her busy schedule. She has enjoyed the family oriented atmosphere of Reinhardt and its patient and caring professors. After graduating, Katie plans on finding a career as an event planner.

Brittany Wimpey

United Community Bank

Brittany Wimpey transferred from Kennesaw State University to start her journey at Reinhardt University during her senior year in college. While at Reinhardt, Brittany worked hard and accomplished the task of being on the Dean’s List. Brittany recently graduated from Reinhardt University. In the summer of 2013, she received her degree in Business Administration with a concentration in General Business. Brittany currently resides in Ellijay, Georgia.

During her senior year at Reinhardt, Brittany acquired an internship with United Community Bank in north Georgia. Brittany was given many tasks at the bank which involved handling cash, learning how to use different computer applications, and providing helpful service to customers. Although her internship was only a month long, she learned a lot. She learned that it is important to have an open mind in the work place, and to be receptive to new opportunities in order to gain more knowledge and experience. Brittany says that her internship was very beneficial because it helped her figure out which career path to take, which industry she wanted to be in, and what she wants to accomplish within the next five years. Brittany’s advice to anyone thinking about doing an internship is to just “do it.” Because the real world work experience that your internship will give you is priceless. She says that it is also important to “find an internship in something you may actually want to pursue one day.”

Along with her internship, college has also taught Brittany some important lessons. The top three things Brittany has learned from being in college are to take things seriously, study, and to get involved. She sums up her experience at Reinhardt by saying, “Reinhardt was the best of my college years. Everyone was so welcoming, helpful, and nice. In my perspective, Reinhardt is the place to be.” Brittany’s plan for the future is to find a job that will allow her to grow and gain knowledge. And eventually, find a job that will turn into a life long career.