Human Resources Management

Human resources is used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to employees. With recruitment, retention & human resources demand at an all-time high, a degree in HR Management can set students up for success in any industry they care about.

A Human Resources Management degree can provide you with the knowledge and understanding to perform specialized functions like human resource planning, employee recruitment, employee training and career development, job performance review, compensation, and development of policies to direct employee performance and retention.

HR Management grads are increasingly sought after. We’ve created a degree that solves for precisely the skills that are in highest demand, to give our degree-holders a huge competitive advantage. If you’re looking for project-based, skills-oriented classes that give you the tools you need to land in a great career, Human Resources Management may be for you.

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Human resource management has become a vital role for businesses in every industry.

Career Paths for Human Resources Management

  • Human Resources Manager
  • Human Resources Assistant
  • Payroll Specialist
  • Training Coordinator
  • Employee Relations Manager
  • Compensation Specialist

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