Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education

Remember your favorite teachers?  What did they do that made them your favorites?  As an Early Childhood Education major in the Price School of Education (PSOE) at Reinhardt University, you will learn the skills you'll need to become a favorite of the students you teach!

Connecting with Students

You will learn to connect with students. You will know what they need to learn in each grade from kindergarten through fifth grade.  You'll be a great reading teacher, and your students will love learning mathematics, science and social studies from you.

Learning by Doing

Price School of Education faculty members will show you how to become a favorite teacher, and you will practice these effective teaching strategies.

  • From faculty role models: Reinhardt faculty will model how you will want to teach. Since we all learn in many different ways, as do our elementary age students, PSOE faculty members will demonstrate how to reach all types of learners.
  • With your classmates: You'll apply these methods with your colleagues in Reinhardt classrooms.
  • In field experiences: You'll practice in elementary schools, guided by mentor teachers and PSOE faculty members.
  • In clinical residency: You'll be on your own for a great portion of your clinical residency as you prepare for your first classroom. You'll see how these teaching strategies work, how to change them to meet the needs of particular students, and how to make learning fun!



Dr. Mellanie Robinson 
Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education
Price School of Education
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