Mathematics Education

Secondary Mathematics Education

Are you considering teaching high school math?  What a great choice!

Your love of reason and numbers will be rewarded as you share your thinking processes with high school students and watch as they learn new ways to think about the world.  Think of how numbers and problem-solving in the world have excited you. You can create that same enthusiasm in your classroom by making math come together with the world around you.  As a quality math teacher, you'll prepare your students to be successful in college and life.

"Hands-On" Math Experiences
Elizabeth Smith wants her students to see how math can be exciting and fun, and she incorporates unique projects into her coursework so students can get "hands-on" experience with math.

"When we learn about the Pythagorean Theorem, I have students go outside and measure the height of different buildings by only using shadows," explained Smith. "Students tell me that this project really helps them understand the math concepts because they are applying it in the real world."

As faculty members like Elizabeth Smith mentor you, you will develop relationships with them that extend well beyond your years at Reinhardt.  After you begin your teaching career, you can always contact them and get ideas on how to teach specific topics.

What You'll Learn in Your Coursework

  • how to integrate technology into your classroom.
  • classroom management techniques and the best ways to support your students' learning.
  • teaching strategies which meet the needs of diverse students.
  • to analyze how your students are doing in meeting curriculum objectives and how to design successful classroom activities.
  • to prepare for success on the Georgia Assessment for the Certification of Educators (GACE) Mathematics Content exams.

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Experience in the Classroom

We value hands-on experience, and you will have a number of field experience opportunities prior to clinical residency.  A Price School of Education faculty member and your high school mathematics mentor will structure your field experience so that you effectively design your lesson plans and then implement them with high school students.

Come explore Mathematics Education with us!


Elizabeth Smith
Associate Professor of Mathematics and Sciences
School of Mathematics & Sciences

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