Middle Grades Education

Middle Grades Education

Need excitement in your life?  Surround yourself with 25 active pre-adolescents!  Discover their fantastic energy.  Join them as they explore new ideas, new ways of looking at mathematics, science, social studies, or language arts. Design learning activities where they complete creative projects that they then share with each other and classmates throughout the school and beyond using the Internet.

Specialization in Two Subject Areas

At Reinhardt University, the Bachelor of Science in Middle Grades Education program will give you the knowledge to teach students in grades 4 through 8.  You are able to choose two areas of concentration and take courses related to the middle grades curriculum.  You will develop your expertise in two of these subject areas:

  • mathematics,
  • science,
  • social studies,
  • language arts, or
  • reading.

Opportunities for Classroom Experience

As you learn what to teach, you also examine how to teach middle grades students. Reinhardt University faculty will demonstrate effective methods of teaching your chosen subjects and meeting the needs of all your students.  We have found that experience is the best teacher so you will have a number of field experiences.

You will teach middle grades students:

  • in small groups,
  • then the whole class for one class period,
  • and finally multiple classes throughout the school day.

Supported by mentor teachers and PSOE faculty members, you'll reflect on what works, share the results with your colleagues, and explore resources for improvement as you develop into an expert teacher.

Consider teaching where there is never a dull moment!



Dr. Nancy Marsh
Dean of the Price School of Education
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