History Degree Programs

History Major/Minor

The History Major

The Bachelor of Arts in history consists of 40 hours of required courses. Majors must take both halves of the Western Civilization survey (History 111 and 112) or both halves of the World Civilization survey (History 120 and 121), both halves of the U.S. history survey (History 251 and 252), and a further ten 300-level history courses. Students may choose to follow a general history major, or a focused major, in which at least five of the upper-level courses must be in one of European, American, or World history. All majors must also take two Interdisciplinary Studies courses.

Students may design independent study courses (History 499) to explore topics of interest to them.

Note that majoring in history allows a student 29 hours of electives, which may be used to pursue a minor in another discipline.

The History Minor

The minor in history consists of four courses at the 300-or 400-level, completed with a grade of C or better. One course must be non-western or multicultural.