Religion Studies

Religion Major

Rev. Abraham Yel Nhial, one of the "Lost Boys of the Sudan," presents the Wesley Lecture of 2006.

Religion Studies

In Religious Studies students concentrate primarily on Biblical and Christian theological themes along with an in-depth study of one other major world religion.

College Core Courses Required in all Tracks
REL 104 Introduction to Religion
REL 204 Survey of the Old Testament OR
REL 205 Survey of the New Testament

Major Required Courses
Select four courses from the following:
REL 300 History of Christianity
REL 308 World Christianity
REL 310 Twentieth Century Christianity
REL 317 Christian Ethics
REL 380 Religion in America
REL 390 Christian Vocation and Service

Select one course from the following
REL 312 Religion and History in Judaism and Islam
REL 340 History and Religion in South Asia

Select four courses from the following
REL 204 or 205 (whichever was not taken to satisfy the general education requirement)
REL 320 Studies in Pentateuch
REL 330 Studies in Synoptic Gospels
REL 334 Life and Letters of Paul
REL 338 Studies in the Johannine Literature

Select two Liberal Studies Seminars
LST 301 Interdisciplinary Applications (topic varies each semester)

Select one course from the following:
REL 450 Senior Thesis
REL 460 Internship

Religion Studies Minor

Students who love to study theology but plan to major in another discipline might consider the Minor in Religion.

To complete a Minor in Religion, a student must earn a C or better grade in five (5) three-hour courses beyond the College Core requirements. One of the courses must be Religion 204 (Old Testament) or 205 (New Testament), whichever was not taken to fulfill Core education requirements.

The four (4) additional courses must be at the 300-level or above. For more information, visit the Reinhardt College Catalog.


The Rev. Dr. Aquiles E. Martinez
Religion Program Coordinator
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