Honor Societies

Beta Beta Beta (Biology)

Beta Beta Beta (Tri-Beta) is a national honorary biology society established with three objectives: stimulation of student scholarship, sharing of scientific knowledge, and promotion of biological research. Members are encouraged to complete undergraduate independent research and have the opportunity to report on their findings in the laboratory through BIOS, the journal of the society. Published since 1930, BIOS is a quarterly journal which publishes articles of interest to the society, articles written by undergraduates, and articles of general biological interest.

As a pre-professional and social service organization, Reinhardt's Tri-Beta takes part in a variety of campus and community programs and events. The society participates in Earth Day events, the on-campus recycling program, and local river clean-up activities.

To be a member, you must:

  • have a 3.0 biology grade point average or better;
  • have completed 3 hours or more of upper division biology credit the semester that you pledge Tri-Beta; and
  • have declared biology as your major.

For more information, contact Dr. Aliya Davenport, Assistant Professor of Biology, at 770-720-5593 or AAD@reinhardt.edu.