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Poster FAQs

What is a poster presentation?

Many fields in the social sciences use poster presentations as a way to bring researchers together to show ongoing work.  The main goals for the poster session is to provide a forum for discussion about a research study.  The poster itself gives the main points of a project (brief background, the research question, the methodology, the findings, and some initial conclusions).  This step is often a way for researchers to show progress at early stages and refine work before publication.  We are providing a few examples of recently presented posters below.

The most beneficial aspect of the poster session is the discussions that take place between presenters and attendees.  Usually, presenters will offer a quick “elevator speech” version of his or her project to an interested colleague.  From there, the discussion evolves through follow-up questions.  Often these interactions lead to great new ideas.

 How should the poster be formatted?

Posters are usually prepared as a single powerpoint slide and printed as either 24x36 or 36x48 sizes. A template is available on this this webpage.  The size of poster is limited by the printer.  Many office supply stores can print 24x36 in-house, but many colleges already have specialty printers that offer a 36x48 size. The same template may be used to print the poster slide on standard sized paper and offered as a handout to interested attendees.  The template is designed to show typical sections, layout, etc.; however, these suggestions are mean to assist and not constrain.  Please feel free to select your colors, backgrounds, move sections as need, and make the format fit your project.  As you can see from the examples, each poster is unique to the project being presented.

Posters will be placed on 36 inch x 48 inch display boards (provided at the conference).  Poster pins will also be available at the conference (but it is never a bad idea to have a few of your own handy).   No audio/visual or computer equipment can be provided.

Do you have any samples for the posters?

Sample Poster 1

Sample Poster 2

Poster Format (powerpoint file)

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