Housing Deposit

Questions and Answers about the Housing Deposit

How much is the housing deposit and when is it due?
The housing deposit is $200 and is refundable upon a satisfactory checkout of the residence hall. The deposit must be paid before a room can be reserved on campus. The sooner you pay the deposit and complete your paperwork, the sooner you will have a guaranteed room on campus.

How can the deposit be paid?  Can it be paid in installments?
It can be paid with a check, cash, a cashier's check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or money order. Because we must receive this deposit in order to guarantee your room, it can not be accepted in installments.

Why was the deposit established?
It was established to provide protection for residents and the University,  to cover repair costs in the residence halls should damages occur, and ensure proper check-in and check-out by resident students.

How often will I have to pay a housing deposit?
The housing deposit is paid prior to your first semester living on campus.  Your deposit is retained until after your final semester living on campus.

When do I get my housing deposit back?
You will get a full refund after your final semester on campus after a satisfactory and complete check-out.  To retain your deposit you must complete the check-out procedure with a residence life staff member. This residence life staff member must find your room to be in good condition in order for a refund to be issued. Your refund check will be mailed from the Business Office 5-7 days after the end of residence hall check-out if no balance remains on your student account.

How will having damages in my room/apartment or common areas affect my deposit?
If your room and/or common area(s) are damaged, the repair costs will be deducted from your housing deposit. Damages will be noted during the official check-in and check-out period or as they occur during each academic year.  If the amount of damages exceeds your deposit you will need to submit a new deposit to continue living on campus.

What will happen to my housing deposit if I break my contract?
Housing contracts are valid for one academic year. When you turn in a housing application, you are acknowledging that you will pay the housing deposit.  If you cancel your contract after August 1st you will be charged a $200 cancellation fee therefore forfeiting your contract.  If you have not paid your contract you will be billed $200.

Can my housing deposit cover Code of Conduct Violations and/or community fines?
You can not use these funds to pay judicial fines (such as trash violations) or for any other Student Code of Conduct violations.  Your deposit can be used to cover community fines that are from your building or floor.

Why does the deposit not show up on my invoice?
Because this is a refundable deposit, it will not show up on your invoice for tuition, room, and board.  The only time anything regarding your deposit shows up on your invoice is if you had a charge that was covered by the deposit (damage, cleaning, etc).

Is my deposit check actually cashed?
Yes, all deposits checks are cashed.  When your deposit is returned, it will be in the form of a college issued check after your room is processed by Residence Life.


Office of Residence Life
3rd floor of the Hasty Student Life Center rooms 306 and 307
Office hours: 8:30am-5:00pm weekdays

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