SOAR is the first step of the orientation process and is a series of virtual sessions for new Freshmen, Transfer students and Dual Enrollment students, as well as their families. These sessions occur during June, July and August. SOAR is designed to provide students and families with all the resources necessary to acclimate into the Reinhardt community.

During SOAR, you will….

  • Meet your fellow classmates coming to Reinhardt in the Fall of 2021
  • Learn about studying and living at Reinhardt and becoming familiarized with campus resources
  • Meet faculty and staff that are here to support your growth and development
  • Be introduced to your academic program, policies, curriculum and degree requirements.
  • Receive your first semester class schedules
  • Meet our exceptional Orientation Leaders who want to help you transition to Reinhardt

Zooming with SOAR

SOAR is composed multiple elements including online Zoom meetings (Zooming with SOAR) an online Canvas course (Flight School), and group sessions with Orientation Leaders (Eagle Talk).

Zooming with SOAR (i.e. Online meetings through Zoom or Microsoft Teams)

Throughout the summer, you will meet virtually individually and as a group of students with key Reinhardt personnel, such as the dean of your school or your Orientation Leader, to receive information important for your success. During your Zooming with SOAR session, you will learn about the many opportunities available at Reinhardt including Residential Life, Commuter Life, Athletics, Performing Arts, Campus Ministries, and Student Activities. We will have administrators from each department as well student leaders available to answer your questions as you transition into life as an Eagle. The Zooming with SOAR session will be held on your selected SOAR date will be synchronous (together with others) and introduce you to the Reinhardt community. These meetings will require stable internet connection.

SOAR dates:

Friday, December 10 (Zooming with SOAR) -- 10 am - 12pmFriday, January 7 (Zooming with SOAR) -- 10 am - 12pm

Flight School

Canvas is an online system used by every student on campus to complete activities related to their classes, such as check grades, obtain instructions, or take quizzes. For SOAR, incoming students will be enrolled in a course in Canvas entitled ‘Flight School,’ that can be completed asynchronously (self-paced, independently). This online orientation will be like taking a class, and includes different modules (units) to explore and quizzes to take to assure you’ve learned key information. Students will be given access to Flight School within 24 hours of their Zooming with SOAR session and need to have completed the course within 2 weeks following their Zooming with SOAR

Eagle Talks

Eagle Talks (Blue/Gold/Eagle)

During the Eagle Talk sessions you will get to know your first Reinhardt family members, your Eagle Talk group! Your Orientation Leader will facilitate introductions, provide an overview of the Reinhardt experience, and let you know what to expect as you transition into life as an Eagle. There will be three Eagle Talk sessions that you must attend:

    • Blue: Time Management and Balancing Life, School and Work
    • Gold: Communicating as a Young Professional and Being Intentional with Communication
    • Eagle: Thriving on Campus: Ways to get involved on campus and building your resume.

Getting Schooled &  Dollars and Sense Sessions

In addition through the SOAR you will meet one-on-one virtually with your School Dean to learn about your academic program and how your course sequence will look as well as be advised for Fall semester classes. You will also have the opportunity to meeting one-on-one virtually with your Financial Aid Advisor to review your financial aid and scholarship package and discuss tuition and fee related questions. Plan to set aside dates and times to have an individual online meeting with the dean of your school and another meeting with your financial aid advisor. Financial aid advisors and deans will be processing new student information throughout the summer and contacting students to arrange these meetings before your selected SOAR

To prepare for this SOAR experience, please consider the following steps:

  • Assure you have reliable devices that can access the internet. Technology is a powerful tool that has allowed us to host an online orientation, but it does not always function properly. Testing your microphones on your devices, video quality, and internet connection beforehand will allow you a smooth SOAR Questions or concerns about the technology required for SOAR can be sent to
  • Check your email for important student information. In addition to receiving important updates about SOAR through your email, also be on the lookout for emails containing important student information from various departments across campus. Other important information you should also receive in the coming weeks should be instructions on how to access EagleWeb, another important web-based resource, and instructions to log in to your Reinhardt email account.

Please select SOAR session which best serves your needs and fits your schedule. For a preliminary copy of SOAR schedules please “Dates and Schedules.”

To ensure that you have a positive experience throughout New Student Orientation make sure you come prepared! Review the “Steps to SOAR” and complete all action items.

During SOAR you will...

Meet your fellow classmates coming to Reinhardt in the Fall of 2020
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Learn about studying and living at Reinhardt
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Meet faculty and staff that are here to support your growth and development
Orientation leaders have their own, unique Reinhardt Experiences to share with freshmen and transfer students new to Reinhardt. Photo by Jeff Reed
Meet our exceptional Orientation Leaders who want to help you transition to Reinhardt
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Be introduced to your academic program, policies, curriculum and degree requirements
Scott Cook Photography. 561-252-3423,,
Become familiarized with campus resources at RU