SOAR for
Parents and Family

In light of COVID19, Reinhardt University is moving all SOAR activities to an online platform.

SOAR for Parents and Family

Reinhardt University recognizes the important contributions that parents and families play in student success.

We invite you to attend New Student Orientation (NSO)’s virtual Parent/Family program which is part of SOAR.

The Parent/Family program prepares parents for the adjustments to college life and the transition your student will experience at Reinhardt University. Your support of your student's education is critical to their success at Reinhardt. The Parent/Family program allows parents, guardians and other adults in your student's life to learn about how your student will spend the next four years. You will get a glimpse of life at Reinhardt, how to support your student while they are pursuing their degree and learn how you can stay involved. During the Parent/Family program, you will also receive an overview of the campus resources and support services available to assist your student in being a successful member of the Reinhardt Community.

Parent and Family Virtual SOAR Sessions

Virtual sessions will be held throughout the summer and are important parts of SOAR. During these sessions there will be an interactive discussion about the student experience. The sessions will address issues facing today’s college students and suggest tips for how to best navigate the college transition. You’ll learn how to help your student know what to expect, avoid common pitfalls, and make the most of every opportunity that RU has to offer. We encourage Reinhardt family members to tune into these evening roundtable talks so we can equip families with resources and answer your questions or concerns with the help of a faculty and staff panel. Further details and virtual meeting invitations will come in the following weeks via email.

Canvas Flight School Course for Parents and Families

Canvas is an online system used by every student on campus to complete activities related to their classes, such as check grades, obtain instructions, or take quizzes. For parents and family members, we have created a course in Canvas entitled ‘Flight School,’ that can be completed asynchronously (self-paced, independently). This online orientation will be like taking a class and includes different modules (units) covering campus resources and support services.

Getting Schooled Sessions

Through the SOAR your student will meet one-on-one virtually with their School Dean to learn about their academic program and how their course sequence will look as well as be advised for Fall semester classes. You are encouraged to participate in this virtual session. Plan to set aside dates and times to have an individual online meeting with the dean of your student’s school. Deans will be processing new student information throughout the summer and contacting students to arrange these meetings.

Dollars and Sense Sessions

Your student will also have the opportunity through the summer to meeting one-on-one virtually with their Financial Aid Advisor to review their financial aid and scholarship package and discuss tuition and fee related questions. Plan to set aside dates and times to have an individual online meeting with your student’s financial aid advisor. Financial aid advisors will be processing new student information throughout the summer and contacting students to arrange these meetings.

To prepare for these SOAR experiences, please consider the following steps:

Assure you have reliable devices that can access the internet. Technology is a powerful tool that has allowed us to host an online orientation, but it does not always function properly. Testing your microphones on your devices, video quality, and internet connection beforehand will allow you a smooth SOAR experience.

Questions or concerns about the technology required for SOAR can be sent to