Disc Golf Safety

Reinhardt Disc Golf Safety Guidelines

Reinhardt University wants your experience in this course to be a pleasant and safe one.
Prior to participating, both student and guests must read carefully.

Assumption of Risk

When a person is involved in any recreational activity, an injury can occur. One should be aware of the information presented in these safety guidelines is to inform the students and guests of proper techniques and inherent dangers involved with volleyball. There is a chance of broken bones, muscle and soft tissue and back injuries, which could lead to some form of paralysis. Not all potential injury possibilities in this sport are listed, but students and guests should be aware that fundamentals, coaching and proper safety equipment are important to the safety and enjoyment of the sport.

Course Safety

  • Never throw when players or course users are within range.
  • Always give other course users the right of way.
  • Be aware of surroundings and environment.
  • Each hole begins at the Tee Box.
  • Subsequent throws are made from the place where the disc comes to rest.
  • The player who is furthest from the target throws first.
  • The hole is completed when the disc is supported by the target.
  • Tee off order is determined by the player’s scores on the previous hole. Lowest score tees first.
  • All roadways and fenced areas are out of bounds.

Basic Rules of Play

  • A run up and follow through are allowed unless the disc is within 10 meters of the target.
  • Remain quite and avoid unnecessary movements when others are throwing.
  • Stand behind player that is throwing until throw is complete.
  • Allow faster groups to play through when possible.
  • Play is first come, first served.
  • For more detailed rules, please visit the Professional Disc Golf Association at www.pdga.com.

University Guidelines

  • Animals are prohibited in the facility, unless utilized as a guide or assistant for people with disabilities.
  • University policy prohibits possession and consumption of alcohol on the course.
  • Players participate at their own risk and are responsible for harm to person or property.
  • Please check the web site frequently for any course closures. To reserve the Disc Course, please call Office of Student Activities.
  • Vandalizing targets, signs, equipment, or landscaping is an offense that will result in disciplinary action.

Course Courtesy

  • Remain quiet and avoid unnecessary movements while others are throwing.
  • Stand behind the player who is throwing until throw is completed.
  • Remove disc from the target after completing the hole.
  • Allow faster groups to play through when possible.
  • Pick up trash and put in proper receptacles.
  • Do not alter the course (trees, bushes, etc.) in any way.

Individuals not adhering to these policies may be asked to leave.
Reinhardt University reserves the right to revoke the privileges of anyone who violates these rules.

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