Clubs & Organizations

Student Clubs & Organizations

At Reinhardt University, it’s really easy to discover and get involved in programs that you will love. To find a club or organization that suits you, check out the University Event Calendar, and campus bulletin boards around campus for notices. You can even contact specific groups directly! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or maybe you have a great idea for a new club, you can leave your mark on Reinhardt by creating your own!

Student organizations and activities are an integral part of the total educational program at Reinhardt University. The Office of Student Activities supports the mission-driven work of student organizations and seeks to equip student leaders and student organization advisors with vital skills and resources in order to make their organizations more effective, inclusive, impactful and sustainable.

See current student clubs and organizations below! Contact the faculty/staff advisor listed for the organization if you have any questions.

Organization Advisor Description
Communications & Media Studies Club Dr. Josh Marsh

The purpose of the Communication Club is to promote awareness of the Reinhardt University Communication department and to provide a much needed venue to promote intelligent discourse about issues matter that communication majors (cultural studies, anthropology and other issues welcomed as well). The Communication Club is a social and educational group for Communication majors and those interested in fields within communication. Their mission is to expose Communication undergraduates to the professional, academic, and social aspects of the Communication field through networking opportunities, guest speakers, workshops, volunteer work, etc. The Communication Club is a valuable resource for students at the university. It provides students with the opportunity to learn more about the various careers within the Communication field. The club works to increase the cohesion between the students and the department. Since the field of Communications is so vast, the club is dedicated to helping students explore the many career paths through outreach programs such as trips to various companies and guest speakers.
Social and Behavior Science Club Dr. Katrina Smith
The mission of the Social and Behavior Science Club is to advance the sciences of sociology and psychology at Reinhardt University. SBS affords those who are interested in the behavior sciences with the opportunity to enhance their understanding and appreciation of the disciplines within those fields of study. Membership is based upon an enthusiasm for psychology, sociology, or other related fields of science.


An Excuse to Laugh David Nisbet
RU IMPROV Troupe, "An Excuse to Laugh" has earned the title of the funniest college improv troupe in the Waleska area. RU IMPROV makes you laugh 'till you hurt. This enthusiastic, hilarious group of students is known for their quick wit and fun-filled on-the-spot games
Anime Club Amy McGee
The purpose of our club is to give fans of anime and manga a place to meet, hang out, discuss, and enjoy anime together. Anime Club gives its members an opportunity for entertainment every week and the chance to make new friends who have common interests at Reinhardt University.
Naturally Sharp Mason Conklin
Enjoy music of all types?  Join this fun, vibrant music loving organization.



(Compassion, Advocacy, Respect & Education)


Student peer Counselors and Peer Educators

Cheryl Brown
C.A.R.E. is a student­led organization of Reinhardt University. These students work together to provide peer counseling and prevention education across the campus community. Peer counseling services are free and confidential to all students, and all CARE members are extensively trained to cover a broad spectrum of topics, ranging anywhere from stress to suicidal thoughts. We are not professional counselors so we provide an empathetic ear and are trained to help our peers develop solutions to their own problems. We also make extensive referrals to professional individuals and agencies for needs that require specialized care. C.A.R.E. members may also be peer prevention educators, which means they promote education and awareness about topics such as sexual violence, dating violence, alcohol use, and mental health. This is done through workshops, programs, social media and collaborating with other student groups on campus.
Joy of Signing Tunji Adesesan
Enjoy signing or would like to learn more about it?  The Joy of Signing is an active group on campus that promotes the awareness of sign launguage.  All signing levels are welcome.
SEAD (Strategic Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders) Tunji Adesesan
By participating in the SEAD program, students will have a more smooth transition into the college atmosphere, an increased awareness of strategies and skills for application in the social college atmosphere, and be able to make connections with other students and the staff at Reinhardt University, to maintain support throughout their entire college experience.


Club Sports
Fishing and Cold Water Conservation Club Keith Ray
We are a fly fishing club organized through Trout Unlimited's 5 Rivers College Outreach Program. We are not just a fly fishing club - we promote the conservation of local cold-water fisheries, which are some of the finest in the state of Georgia. This organization works with Trout Unlimited, a national cold-water habitat conservation organization, in conservation projects such as local stream cleanups. We also promote the sport of fly fishing to students who are either interested in trying out the sport or are already seasoned fly fishermen. Students will learn to tie flies, learn how to cast, and fly fish for trout and other species of fish.
RU Drone Racing Tim Lewis
RU Drone Racing will be doing charity Tournaments where a portion of the money is going to the charities chosen by the officers. The purpose of the club is to establish a fun and inexpensive drone racing experience for the students of Reinhardt University. Members will build relationships that can last a lifetime. Create special donation tournaments where any student, regardless of membership status, could join and donate to event chosen charitable organizations.
Wingspan Ultimate Frisbee Club Jamie Hudgins
This club allows Reinhardt University students to participate in one of America's fastest growing sports. Ultimate combines aspects of soccer, basketball and football. The Reinhardt Ultimate Frisbee club is co-ed and is open to anyone interested, regardless of experience. Ultimate is a fun, competitive, and fast-paced sport. So come out and play!


Fraternity and Sorority Life 
Kappa Sigma Fraternity Sloane Day

Kappa Sigma Fraternity is a unique experience. Founded at the University of Virginia on December 10, 1869, we pride ourselves upon our tight-knit brotherhood and diversity. We are comprised of individuals that originate from every background one can imagine, and perfectly mesh together to make the perfect band of brothers. Members of Kappa Sigma hold the Fraternity's four pillars―fellowship, leadership, scholarship and service―as cornerstones of their lives.
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Sloane Day

Zeta Tau Alpha was established on October 15th, 1898. Nine young friends at Virginia State Female Normal School formalized their friendship by forming Zeta Tau Alpha, a fraternity that would continue to grow throughout the next century and beyond. Zeta Tau Alpha is the third Largest National Women's Fraternity.  Now, more than 231,000 women have been initiated into the sisterhood of Zeta Tau Alpha.  Our founders, nine young women, envisioned an organization that would perpetuate their ties of friendship.


Honor Societies
Alpha Chi (General) Dr. Joy Farmer
Alpha Chi is a coeducational academic honor society founded in 1922 whose purpose has been to promote academic excellence and exemplary character among college students and to honor those who achieve such distinction. Active membership is restricted to the top ten percent of members of the junior and senior classes with provision that a student may qualify for membership at the time of graduation with the baccalaureate degree.
Alpha Kappa Delta (Sociology) Dr. Donald Gregory
Alpha Kappa Delta is an International Sociology Honor Society with dedication to promoting, facilitating, and recognizing academic scholarship in the subject of sociology.
Alpha Psi Omega (Theatre) Stewart Hawley
Alpha Psi Omega (APO) is a national honor society for students who demonstrate excellence in theatrical performance, technical theatre, and service.
Beta Beta Beta (Biology) Dr. Aliya Davenport
Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a society for students, particularly undergraduates, dedicated to improving the understanding and appreciation of biological study and extending boundaries of human knowledge through scientific research.
Kappa Delta Pi (Education) Nancy Marsh
Kappa Delta Pi is a national honor society in education that encourages excellence in scholarship, high character standards, improvement in teacher preparation, and contributions to education. The mission of Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) is to sustain an honored community of diverse educators by promoting excellence and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service.
Kappa Pi (Art) Brett Mullinix
Kappa Pi is an International Art Fraternity, with induction based on academic achievement and artistic excellence. Founded in 1911 at the University of Kentucky, Kappa Pi recognizes students for their excellence in academics and artistic ability.
Lambda Pi Eta (Communication) Dr. Pam Wilson

Lambda Pi Eta (LPH) is the official communication studies honor society of the National Communication Association (NCA). The membership in Lambda Pi Eta is composed of undergraduate students who have declared an interest in the field of communication and have achieved a high level of academic excellence.  Activities will include a mix of social, academic, and community service. Lambda Pi Eta actively seeks to include all COM students.
Phi Alpha Theta(History) Dr. Jonathan Good
Phi Alpha Theta is an international history honor and professional society whose mission is to promote the study of history, superior teaching and research, publication of such research, and the exchange of ideas among all students of history.
Pi Gamma Mu (Psychology) Dr. Katrina Smith
The mission of Pi Gamma Mu is to encourage and recognize superior scholarship in social science disciplines and to foster cooperation and social service among its members. Pi Gamma Mu serves the various social science disciplines which seek to understand and explain human behavior and social relationships as well as their related problems and issues.
Pi Kappa Lambda (Music) Dr. N. Mason Conklin
Pi Kappa Lambda is an academic honor society dedicated to the furtherance of music in education and education in music in colleges and universities. In addition to other institutions of higher learning which offer programs in music instruction in one or more fields; and to recognize and encourage scholarship and musicianship.
Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science) Dr. Simon-Peter Gomez
Pi Sigma Alpha is the national political science society. It was founded for the purpose of bringing together students and faculty interested in the study of government and politics.
Sigma Beta Delta (Business) Dr. Laurie Manning
Sigma Beta Delta is the International Honor Society in Business.  The purpose of Sigma Beta Delta is to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among students of all fields of business, as well as, to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.
Sigma Tau Delta (English) Dr. Judith Irvine
Sigma Tau Delta is the International English Honor Society, an organization that confers distinction for high achievement in English language and literature in undergraduate, graduate, and professional studies.




Reinhardt University Captains are ambassadors for prospective students and their families who visit the campus. The responsibilities that captains have include giving on campus tours and assisting with Junior and Senior Preview Days throughout the year.
Judicial Council Jamie Johnston

The Judicial Council exists as the judicial division of the Student Government Association. The Judicial Council exercises judicial power over those areas of collegiate activity that are the responsibility of students, including the power of sanctioning individuals.
Resident Assistants Aerial Harrell

Resident Assistant (RA) position is one of leadership and service. RAs are full time students who are carefully selected and trained as leaders, role models, and referral providers. RAs are in every building on campus, and they develop a positive rapport with residents in order to create and maintain a friendly community that stimulates a cooperative environment conductive to learning and respect. RAs encourage residents to act with reason, to take responsibility for their actions, and to respect the rights and freedoms of others. RAs assist in the personal development of students, provide programs for community building, and respond to emergencies in their assigned hall. The many experiences gained from the position are invaluable.
Student Activities Council Sloane Day

The Student Activities Council (SAC) is a combined group of students charged with the task of planning and executing monthly, as well as special events. The SAC purpose is to provide co-curricular activities for the Reinhardt University community. The SAC is a student led organization responsible for providing a balanced schedule of social, cultural, educational, and recreational programs and activities.
Student Government Association Sloane Day

Student self-governance plays a significant role in shaping the quality of student life at Reinhardt University. The Student Government Association (SGA) represents all segments of the student body. The SGA is organized to help formulate/voice student opinion regarding college policies and to allocate funding to officially recognized student organizations. Participation in the SGA is open to all students through voting in SGA elections, attending Student Senate meetings, volunteering for one of the many SGA committees, and by sharing questions and concerns about campus issues.


The Eagle Eye (Student Newspaper) Atiya King

Established in 1924, The Eagle Eye is the official student newspaper of Reinhardt University. The newspaper is edited, managed and written by Reinhardt University students, and it provides coverage of Reinhardt events, as well as serving as a campus forum.


African Descendants Student Association Tunji Adesesan
ADSA aims at raising awareness on campus about African people, African culture, misconceptions about Africa, and hope to spark a greater interest among the student body regarding the African continent and culture.
Aspiring Latinos Altering Society (ALAS) Tunji Adesesan
ALAS works to create awareness of the Latino/a heritage and culture by developing a community for learning and growth for all students. The group is open to all students interested in Latino/a issues and perspectives.
D.R.E.A.M.S. TBA DREAMS is an organization that promotes the development of the minority community while providing the African American society with cultural, social and academia enlightenment. DREAMS encourages cultural diversity and cultivates relationships with the other student organizations at Reinhardt University.
International Student Association Tunji Adesesan
The International Student Association is an organization that merges all of the nationalities represented on the RU campus to promote international friendships and cultural appreciation among all the students at Reinhardt University.


Mu Phi Epsilon International Music Fraternity Dr. Martha Shaw
Mu Phi Epsilon is a co-ed Professional Music Fraternity, with 50,000 members from all over the world. We offer great opportunities for networking and building professional relationships with other musicians. Mu Phi Epsilon was founded on the ideals of advancement in music in the professional field along with the promotion of personal scholarship. We, as an organization, participate in many service projects throughout our campus and community. The fraternity's main objectives are to promote our musical goals and interests through outreach performances, provide scholarships for our members, and make a positive impact on our school and community. Additionally, we want to develop an awareness of sharing artistic gifts. Mu Phi Epsilon also participates in promoting high scholarship, musicianship and friendship through service, and providing opportunities for strong artistic and personal abilities. Membership in Mu Phi Epsilon at Reinhardt University is based upon scholarship, musicianship, and friendliness. Candidates must also meet GPA requirements and be working towards a music major, minor, or concentration. Furthermore, candidates must meet any other requirement set forth by Mu Phi Epsilon International Music Fraternity.


Recreation and Leisure
Swing Dance Association Julie Clark
RU Swing Dance Association promotes enjoyment of the social and solo American jazz dances of the 1920's-40's. Activities include weekly lessons, big semester dances with live music, weekly jam sessions, workshops — and tons of fun! SDA is open to everyone, no matter how experienced you are, so come out and learn to swing!
Trading Card Games Club Amy McGee
The Trading Card Game Club is a community for individuals – of any level of experience – who enjoy discussing, playing, and exploring new collectible trading card games


Reinhardt Campus Ministries Leadership Team  Rev. Jamie Hudgins

As a member of the Campus Ministries Leadership Team, you will have a hand in planning, organizing and facilitating all events hosted by Campus Ministries. These events correspond with our three mission focus areas: "grow" in faith, "love" God and others, and "do" by serving God and those in need.
L.I.F.T. (Living in Faith Together) Kellen Shervington LIFT aims to lift the name of Jesus on campus, while aiming to celebrate unity and diversity. LIFT seeks all Christians to live their lives of faith together as one family.