Policies & Procedures

Student Clubs & Organizations Policies and Procedures

At Reinhardt University, it’s really easy to get involved. To get involved, check out University Event Calendar, The Hiltonian, and campus bulletin boards for notices, or contact groups directly. If you can’t find what you’re looking for or have a great idea for another club, you can create your own!

Club/Organization Policies and Procedures

Student Organization Handbook (manual for clubs and organizations)

Creating a New Club/Organization

Step 1: Create a club roster with at least ten students.
Step 2: Find a Faculty/Staff advisor.
Step 3: Establish a constitution using this sample constitution.
Step 4: Fill out the Club and Organization Recognition Form. 
Step 5: The Student Government Association will review your proposal.
Step 6: Upon approval, the club/ organization will be added to the Reinhardt University recognized club directory.
Step 7: Attend a club/organization training session and review the Student Organization Handbook.

Maintaining Official Club/Organization Status

Being an active club/organization at Reinhardt University is a privilege. Clubs and organizations must maintain an active status to be eligible for funding.

  • Maintain ten student members currently enrolled at Reinhardt University.
  • Submit an updated club and organization recognition form each year.
  • Attend the second Student Senate meeting of each month.
  • Participate in Welcome Week, Fall Day, and Spring Day.

Club/Organization Funding Requests

  • Club/ Organization funding requests should be submitted well in advance of the event to the Student Government Association, using the Funding Request Form and Funding Proposal Template.
  • Understand that some requests may require follow-up meetings with the Student Government Association and Office of Student Activities.
  • The Student Government Association will review the proposal to make a decision and inform the club as soon as possible.
  • Reimbursements need to be submitted on the Student Government Association Reimbursement Form and delivered to the Business Office within fourteen (14) days of after the expense.

Club/Organization Travel

  • Official permission to travel off-campus must be made by completing the Reinhardt University Student Travel Form and be submitted to the Office of Student Activities by the advisor for approval.
  • The Student Travel Matrix is a tool to help you navigate what forms and waivers that are needed for what types of events.
  • Reimbursements need to be submitted on the Student Government Association Reimbursement Form (SGA funded travel only) or Reinhardt University Expense Report and delivered to the Business Office within fourteen (14) days of return travel.
  • Any club requesting assistance with travel must be sure the budget or cash balance of the group account is sufficient to cover the expenses of the trip. Funds must be in the club account before the Office of Student Activities can assist with any reservations.
  • If the vendor accepts University check or credit card for payment, your club must submit a check request form or credit card request form listing the vendor and complete details of the payment to be made by Reinhardt University. If the vendor accepts neither of these forms of payment, the students will have to seek reimbursement for the expenses after the event.
  • Student Release Waiver is to be completed if an activity/event is outside of Waleska, requires use of rental or personal vehicles, or is overnight.
  • Handling Emergencies While Driving Vehicles for Student Organization Activities serves as a reference guide for individuals traveling on University business.
  • Any individual not enrolled at Reinhardt University participating in a Reinhardt University sponsored event must complete the Release Waiver and must receive approval from the Vice President or equivalent department head over the unit requesting the travel.
  • If during the course of the trip those wishing to travel separately from the group, must receive special permission from the Office of Student Activities and complete the Self-Transportation Wavier.

Club/Organization Publicity

Any form of advertisement must be approved by the Office of Student Activities prior to its distribution on campus. To help reduce the use of paper on campus, The Hiltonian, University websiteUniversity Calendar, and University Facebook are great sources for advertisement for events and meetings.

For more information

Walter May
Director of Student Activities
Hasty Student Life Center, Room 314
(770) 720-5540