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Congratulations on making the decision to learn about fraternity and sorority life at Reinhardt University! Your years here at Reinhardt will include many exciting learning experiences, one of which may include becoming a member of a Greek-lettered organization. Fraternity and sorority life can add many valuable dimensions to your college experience.

Sororities and fraternities can help you find your niche at Reinhardt as they

  • offer academic assistance and support
  • encourage you to be active in student organizations and community service
  • open doors for professional opportunities
  • assist you in developing social skills
  • provide educational awareness regarding social issues
  • give you a chance to make friends with similar interests.

To sign up for fraternity recruitment please click HERE!

To sign up for sorority recruitment please click HERE!

Fraternity and Sorority Recruitment Spring 2018 will be held from February 5 to February 9.

Fraternity Recruitment

  • Monday, February 4 – Experience Kappa Sigma Open House (Hot Chocolate & Donuts)
    • 8:30 AM-10:00 AM – Bannister Glasshouse Lawn
    • Kappa Sigma fraternity will have the opportunity to share its mission and values with the potential members, and provide them with some insight into their ideals.
  • Tuesday, February 5 – Philanthropy Event with Goshen Valley Boy’s Ranch
    • 4:00 PM, Cobb Parking Lot
    • The Philanthropy event is the opportunity for potential members to meet fraternity members and participate in projects associated with Kappa Sigma’s local philanthropy partner.
  • Wednesday, February 6 – Kappa Sigma Game Night Event
    • 6:00 PM-9:00 PM – Hasty Student Life Center, Rec Room
    • Enjoy an evening of snacks, games and information. Experience the life as a Kappa Sigma on RU’s campus at its BEST!
  • Thursday, February 7 – Kappa Sigma Dinner with Brothers
    • 7:00 PM, Cobb Parking Lot
    • Enjoy a dinner off campus with the Brothers of Kappa Sigma.  This event will also allow potential new members the opportunity to ask one on one questions.
  • Friday, February 8 – Preference Night (Invitation Only)
    • Kappa Sigma will share their preference ceremony that shows a deeper level of brotherhood. The Preference ceremony focuses on what Kappa Sigma means to its members.

Sorority Recruitment

  • Tuesday, Jan 22 – Experience ZTA Open House
    • 7 PM – Bannister Glasshouse
    • ZTA will share its mission and values with potential members who will learn more about the opportunity be a founding sister of ZTA at Reinhardt.
  • Wednesday, Jan 23 – Think Pink. Think Zeta.Ò Open House
    • 7 PM – Library Community Room
    • This event is an opportunity for potential members to learn more about ZTA’s philanthropy, breast cancer education and awareness, and other opportunities to give back to the community as part of ZTA.
  • Friday, Jan 25 – Preference Night (invitation only)
    • 7 PM – Fincher Visual Arts Center

Zetas will share a special preference ceremony that shows a deeper level of sisterhood. The Preference ceremony focuses on what ZTA means to its members

Deferred Recruitment Policy

At Reinhardt, we have a deferred recruitment process which means that recruitment occurs at the beginning of the Spring semester.  That means you will have a chance to find your social and academic niche before deciding whether or not you want to join a fraternity or sorority. This will allow you a chance to fully learn about Reinhardt’s fraternities and sororities, establish a GPA, and develop sustainable relationships on campus prior to making a commitment to Fraternity and Sorority life.

Eligibility Requirements

Each fraternity and sorority is dedicated to finding members with leadership potential, high academic standards, and a commitment to service. That is why we have some requirements for participating in fraternity and sorority life at Reinhardt. When you are ready to pursue membership in a fraternity or sorority in the spring semester, be sure to review our process and guidelines.

  • Credit Hours
    • Candidates for membership in a recognized organization are required to have completed 12 credits hours at Reinhardt University prior to participating in recruitment.
  • Grade Point Average
    • Candidates for membership in a recognized organization are required to have a cumulative GPA of 2.7/4.0 at Reinhardt University to be able to participate in recruitment. Active members of Greek organizations must maintain a GPA of 2.7/4.0 to be active participants.
  • Good Standing
    • Candidates for membership as well as active members must be in academic, financial and disciplinary good standing and verified by the Office of Student Activities. This means that a student may not be a respondent in and found responsible in a conduct case beyond a level 1 violation, may not have incomplete sanctions in a conduct case where they have been found responsible, and may not be on disciplinary probation or suspension. This also means that students may not have a financial balance with the University or be on academic warning, probation or suspension.
  • Register for Recruitment
    • Candidates for membership in a recognized organization are required to register online to participate in requirement.
  • Attend Recruitment Events
    • Candidates for membership in a recognized organization are required to attend Open House and other events during the week of Formal Recruitment in January.

Recruitment Process

You will begin hearing about the recruitment process in the fall during an information session as part of fall orientation. Not only will you learn about fraternity and sorority life at Reinhardt, you will have the chance to sign up for emails from different fraternities and sororities. In the spring, you will participate in a number of events to learn about each fraternity or sorority. If you choose to go through recruitment, you will have to attend all of the recruitment events. You will only be excused to miss an event if you have an official university conflict, such as athletic team practices, marching band, or cheerleading. We will not be able to excuse you if you have work or travel, so be sure to plan ahead.

  • Open house
    • During the first round of recruitment all of the fraternities and sororities will be represented and you will have a chance to learn more about the recruitment process. Attire is casual. Attendance is required for all men and women participating in recruitment. This event is offered both in the fall and at the beginning of the formal recruitment week in January.
  • Intention round
    • Each group will celebrate this round a little differently. You can attend up to two events and you will get more information about what to expect in your invitation. These are held during formal recruitment week in January.
  • Bid day
    • On your bid day, you will gather in the Bannister Glasshouse to accept a bid and be introduced to the fraternity and sorority community waiting outside.

For more information:

If you are interested in joining a Fraternity and Sorority, please contact Jamie Johnston, Assistant Dean of Students at at 770.720.9238.

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